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Small Groups

Involvement in a Small Group gives you and your family the opportunity to create deep personal connections with other Christian families. While you & your family are forging new relationships & being encouraged to grow spiritually; a Small Group is an ideal environment to welcome others to connect and receive the gospel message. Contact our Small Group Ministry Leader, John Rakestraw, or Sam Pace with questions.


“Was That Me?”

My mother was a smart, clever woman who raised 4 boys while working at various secular jobs. She had a huge vocabulary, partly through her studies in Latin and partly because of her intellectual curiosity. The one thing she feared most was losing her mental facilities.  Alas, this is exactly what happened in her last years as Alzheimer’s took its terrible toll.  I well remember watching as my younger brother moved her fingers as she attempted to sign her name to get some medicines.  At the end she didn’t even recognize any of our family. Continue reading