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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


A few decades ago a very popular rock group claimed in an interview that, “We are more famous than Jesus Christ.”  As the years passed, the band broke up and two of the four members have died.  Society still likes to adore their “idols” and bask vicariously in their shadows.  Celebrities of all kinds—musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, etc, receive wealth, privileges, honors, deference, respect and fame from their admirers.  The idea seems to be that mere knowledge of a celebrity will somehow transfer that fame to a fan.  Buying merchandise containing their name on it cements that bond even more.  If fans don’t literally bow their knees to these celebrities, Continue reading


My caring and thoughtful daughter bought me the perfect birthday gift about a year ago. It was a desk calendar called, “Cross-Train Your Brain.” It has a new word or picture puzzle for each new day. It is also a place where I keep track of my daily devotions. Some of the puzzles are quite obvious, but in many, “your brain needs to do some complex parallel processing that synthesizes input from both the left-and right-brain hemispheres.” When I fail to get the answer, it is almost invariably because Continue reading


If you think herding cats would be difficult, try doing it with wasps. Every Spring we try to eliminate their nests near our front door before they decide to sting us. We do this not by herding them elsewhere but by placing those yellow, conical traps at strategical
locations. There seems to be some alliterated stages that make those traps function well. Enticement: The wasps are attracted to the odor of the bait. Envelopment: They enter through small vents and are not able to exit. Entrapment: They are now prisoners imprisoned by their own instinct and curiosity. Entombment: There is no escape nor food source and they eventually die and decay.

Although the wasps Continue reading


For several years during the summer my family and I made a hiking trip to Ouzel Falls in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain Park near Mt. Meeker and Long’s Peak.  It is a 5.4 mile trek alongside beautiful North St. Vrain Creek.  The scenery is outstanding  and near the top is the beautiful Calypso Cascades where one can eat a picnic lunch in the middle of the creek.  The closer one gets to the 9,668 ft. elevation of the falls, the louder the roar of the falls.  It is a moderately difficult hike but with the wooden bridges, tall trees and wild life, one barely notices the upward ascension.  The many signs and fellow hikers who offer words of encouragement Continue reading


Even the best in any area of participation will at some point suffer through a slump. Great baseball hitters might go hitless for a week or longer. A writer or a cartoonist find their creativity has hit a wall. Actors may endure a period of poor movies. Lawyers may see a reduction in clients. Parents often see their advice unheeded and unappreciated during the teen years. A slump is not only a decrease or decline in productivity but can be a period of ineffective performance combined with sinking spirits. In the secular arena one can sometimes remedy a slump by attending seminars, observing successful people or simply adopting new techniques and Continue reading