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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


I’ve heard it said that Christianity is about relationship.   Jesus didn’t live the life of a hermit; He was spending time with the apostles, healing the sick, and generally being involved in people’s lives.   Being around our Christian family not only gives us the opportunity to learn about the needs of others and serve them, but it also gives us opportunities to share our needs as well. 

Of  course we get to see our family at our worship services and classes.   While this is a vital and necessary part of our spiritual sustenance, that setting often means the answer to the question, “How are you?” is a quick “Good, how are you?”  If you’ve ever had an adventure with someone (a hike, a retreat, more than a couple hours with someone), you know that time together forms a deeper, stronger relationship; a connection that moves the relationship beyond “Good, how are you?”                                                                                                             

What IS a small group?

A small group is a gathering of the church that has around 10-20 people, for example, our Home Bible Studies.   A small group can be focused on spiritual formation, relationships among the group, and serving and reaching the community.   Most of our HBS groups this year will dive deeper as we study “The Story” and will meet twice a month at various times.   Some will eat meals together, all will provide an opportunity for deeper relationship.  


Many will fee more at ease at small gatherings and will be ready to share and contribute.   As you get to know people on a deeper level you are more aware of what is going on in their lives and are able to encourage each other more.


Many find that the atmosphere of a small group provides fresh Biblical insight.   It is interactive and tailored for your group.   Participants can ask questions in a safe and casual environment.   As people share their insights, people can benefit from the experience of 10+ “teachers. 


Small groups create opportunities to be sent into the community as God’s hands.   Not only can people help others in their group, but the group can also go out in the community to serve those outside the church.  Some of our groups have thoroughly enjoyed feeding the homeless, serving those at Mountain States Children’s Home,  reaching out to the widows, and more.  You know, generally trying to live according to scriptures like James 1:27.


Some un-churched people will more readily come to a study at someone’s house than to a full service.   By inviting the community to participate with the “family,” it gives us opportunities to call others to Christ.


We tend to keep our lives busy and it seems hard to have time to get to know others…how can we get past this?   In the first century, many churches were small and met in homes.   The believers of Acts 2 were experts at relationships and the church grew in amazing ways.   At Northwest, we see small groups as a vital part of our growth and pray that you will join us as we start up in September to experience first hand what is so big about small groups!             

                                                                                                             Mark Phillips


(Written by Ron Carter November 2013)
A friend of mine was working for a company that decided to invest in an amusement park. After a few years, the company withdrew from the project. They came to the conclusion that no matter what they added for the excitement of their customers, every few years they had to offer more— something more exciting. Continue reading

Improving Your Serve


One of the games my dad and I played when I was a teen was Ping-Pong. I played against my peers and generally won most games. But when I played my dad, he destroyed me every time. So, I practiced and I practiced and I practiced until one day we played each other and I finally won! He smiled and said, “Sam, I’ve been waiting for this day to come . . .” Now, as he said this I was thinking he was going to humbly accept his defeat . . . not so much. Instead, the continued, “Now I want to play you using my left hand.” That’s when I realized; dad is left-handed. Ugh.

We played again, this time using his left hand, and he didn’t just destroy me; he left me baffled by the whole event. Not only did he beat me, but he played an entirely different style of game that included about 9 new serves. I had become accustomed to the serves he conducted with his right hand and now he had 9 different and even better serves with his left hand. Ugh.

Well, I’d like to go on and tell you how I traveled overseas to train with master Ping-Pong instructors, learned secret strategies, and mastered 11 unbeatable serves with either hand . . . but that didn’t happen. What happened is that I just kind of gave up. We haven’t played much since that day.

Besides reliving this childhood drama I have something I wanted to call your attention to from my story. My dad had developed several serves with his right hand and more with his left hand. One of the central ways to win at Ping-Pong is to effectively serve the ball. And in order to beat my dad at Ping-Pong one day I knew I’d have to improve my serve.

Now, let’s move that into another context. Let’s consider the art of serving one another. To be sure, this is not a competitive event and no one ought to be out to beat or destroy another person at serving. Serving is not a game to be won, but rather a blessing to be practiced.

Two concepts from my story may help us improve our serve: One, as there are many ways to serve a Ping-Pong ball, so there are many ways to serve others. It’s easy to look at others with different talents and think, “Sure, I’d serve more if I could do what they’re doing!” Remember, this is not a competitive event. Serving like or better than them is not the goal. The goal is to humbly serve as you are able, and to do so in the name of Jesus.

Two, as learning to serve a Ping-Pong ball takes time and practice, so it will take time and practice to improve your serve. Sometimes we wait for the big opportunity to do something really huge and great for the Lord and when or if that day comes it’s an incredible day and God is glorified. But more often than not what is missed are those daily opportunities to encourage someone, invite someone, show hospitality, send $10 to a good mission work, visit someone who is lonely, or just do something you can do on any ordinary day.

This is how Jesus taught us to improve our serve, “Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.” (Matthew 25:34-36) Let’s listen to Jesus and improve our serve. ~ Sam



Attendance/Asistencia 282

Bible Class AM/Clase Biblica AM 171

Sunday Evening/Domingo por la 78

Wednesday Evening/Miécoles por la Noche 158




Babies Toddlers


August 3 Amy White Jenna White


August 10 Margo Smith Kara Smith


B1RTHDAYS August 3-9, 2014


Edie Carlton, Robert West, Karsten Rog, Floyd Hoyt, Scott Mowry,

William Longman, Daniel Maldonado, Ron Hanegan, Janelle Campbell,

Robert Rohrer,Amy White celebrated her birthday on August 1. Amy we are sorry we didn’t get it in the bulletin last week.

If we have missed your birthday, please contact the church office.



Announcements John Rakestraw

Alternate Jim Bailey

Communion Nate & Tracy Sanders

Ushers Mel Lyde, Lewis Martinez, Martin Escoto

SUNDAY MORNING– August 10, 2014

Announcements John Rakestraw

Announcements, Alt. Jim Bailey

Call to Worship Don Mcdonald

Song Leader Karsten Rog

Scripture Reader #1 Virgil West

Scripture Reader #2 Mark Ashby

Prayer Chris White

Lord’s Table Talk Stephen Cadwallader

Lord’s Table Ken Titus Mike Pettijohn

Jim Lindahl Luli Bejtja

Scott Thompson David Bailey

Offering Talk Ryan Cadwallader

Audio Tech Dave Olsen

Video Tech John Dean

SUNDAY EVENING— August 10, 2014

Song Leader Austin Dean

Closing Prayer Dan Murphy

Lord’s Table Servers Stephen & Ryan Cadwallader

Audio Tech Dave Olsen


Song Leader Stephen Cadwallader

Announcements Nate Sanders

Audio Tech Dave Olsen


We would like to welcome all our visitors today! We are so glad you are here.




Michael Shank, author of “Muscle and a Shovel,” will be speaking at the Golden Church this afternoon at 1 and at Bear Valley this evening.




A family whose four children attended our VBS is moving, and they really need help this Tuesday afternoon and evening to load up their truck. There’s cleaning to be done too, either Tuesday or Wednesday. Their children have passes to a local game center, if a couple of people could supervise them. Please contact Virg or LaNae West for confirmation.




Our Mission Possible event begins Thursday, August 7th-10th, 2014. Activities this year will again be focused on food distribution and home repairs for those in need within our community. Sign up sheets are at the kiosk. Please sign up today for areas in which you can help.


We still need financial contributions to fund our repair projects. We do not use funds from our regular contribution or budget for Mission Possible. This is by design. We want support for this effort to come directly from those participating and from those who desire to support this financially but are perhaps unable to participate directly.


Your generosity was outstanding last year. We used the money donated to repair the homes of elderly people, single mothers, the unemployed, the disabled, and struggling families of our nearby community. We repaired roofs, replaced bathrooms, repaired gutters, repaired sub-floors damaged from water leakage, replaced leaky pipes, repaired broken windows, added handrails to safely assist elderly folks getting into their homes, and a few other things.


Our intention is to do good in our neighborhood, cultivate some relationships, and look for opportunities to share the gospel. Please consider how you might participate and contribute to this effort. See Sam H. Pace for more info.






THURSDAY begins this year’s Mission Possible Project to help our neighbors in need, I am asking that this week you bring more of the items we have already asked for: vegetables, fruits, canned meats, peanut butter, and jelly. Last year we fed 50 families. This year our goal is to feed 100. PLEASE HAVE ALL ITEMS HERE BY THIS THURSDAY AS WE WILL BEGIN BOXING THEM ON FRIDAY. See Sam H. Pace for more info.




Single & Parenting seminar is a weekly group for single parents which meets Wednesday evenings starting September 3 at 6:30 p.m. Single & Parenting features nationally recognized experts on topics important to single parents, Seminar sessions include “Your Children & Your Fears,” “Tired & Overwhelmed” and “Conflict & Resolution.” We’d love for you to join us. Please feel free to contact Ron & Amy Deffenbaugh at 303-870-5660 or 303-929-2950 if you have questions or would like more information.




Remember the Change Can Campaign for Mountain States Children’s Home. The goal is to have at least $45 in each can! If you prefer to write a check for your donation, just drop it in your change can. Folding money is also encouraged.




Dear Church Family, Thank you for the cards and words of encouragement on the death of my sister. She was the last of my family. Homer Mercer




The baptistery doors have been rekeyed for the safety of our children. If you need a key, check with the office.




Sweetened Cereals (in boxes), Coffee/CoffeeMate, Steak Sauce/Worcestershire, Lemonade/Kool-Aid Mixes, *Oil/Olive Oil/Pam, Tortilla Chips/Potato Chips, Salsa/Green Chilis, Chocolate Chips, BBQ Sauce, Mayo/Miracle Whip, Pickles/Relish, Olives, Salad Dressings, Milk Flavorings-Choc, strawberry, Paper Towels, Ziploc Baggies (all sizes), Trash Bags (all sizes), Paper Plates/Cups. Canned Fruit, Applesauce, Canned Tomatoes, Canned Tomato Sauce/Paste, Canned Broth-beef, chicken, veg, Canned Veggies, beans, Toile Bowl Cleaner, Furniture Dusting/Polish (Pledge), Shout/Stain Remover, Liquid Laundry Detergent, Liquid Dishwasher Detergent, Sunscreen-SPF 30 & 50, Men’s deodorant/antiperspirant, Toothpaste (no toothbrushes)

*Items we really need

Please have your donations to the church building by Sunday, August 10. Thank you





Mountain States Children’s Home is in need of a part time secondary teacher. All areas of expertise will be considered. Current licensure is not required. Please call Janice Schow for more information at 303-678-5895 or 303-775-9608






Aug. 3 Parent/Teen Devo

Aug. 7 Beginning of Mission Possible

Aug. 8 Card Ministry

Aug. 9 Keenager Breakfast

M.S.C.H. Teen area wide

Aug. 10 Last day of Mission Possible

Teen Devo @ Madison’s house

Aug. 17 Teen area wide

Aug. 23 Teen Scavenger Hunt





Dear Teen & Parents,


Tonight there will be a very important Parent/Teen meeting and devotional after evening services. Please make plans to come as we will be planning the next school year’s activities. Please bring sandwiches, chips and dessert for all of us to share

Northwest’s Mission Possible August 7-10th.


Saturday, August 9th – Area Wide Day helping out at Mountain States Children’s Home


Sunday, August 10th – TEEN DEV at Madison Mora’s house after evening services


Sunday, August 17th – Area Wide Devotional at Bear



Saturday, August 23rd—Scavenger Hunt at Flatiron’s Mall planned by Madison.


Love, Vivek and Stephen




Our sincere sympathy to the family of Clista Gill. She passed away recently.


Edie Carlton’s nephew, Steven Bass, had a stroke, and passed away on Wednesday.




Continue to keep Jack Sosebee, Jean Fiske, Mary and Dick Andrews, Neal & Cathy Roberts and Lucy Wright in your prayers.


Benecia Campbell will be starting her chemo treatments this week. The cancer was all removed during the surgery. The chemo is a precautionary step. Please continue to keep the girls and her in your prayers.


Andy Elliott had emergency surgery for a permeated ulcer. He is in St. Anthony North in ICU. He is hoping to go home maybe this weekend.


Floyd Hoyt’s doctor has said he is not a candidate for the surgery.


Sharon Lee Hansen is in rehab at Manor Care of Boulder Room 302A 2800 Palo Parkway Boulder, CO. Contact the Office at #303-440-9100


Bill Franks is very weak and has been unable to attend services lately.

Please keep Bill and Evelyn in your daily prayers.


Kathy Fulsaas will need a knee replacement in the near future.


Felma Maddox is cancer free and doesn’t need to see her oncologist any more.


Jim Lindahl’s congenital pulmonary heart disease has gone from mild to moderate. Continue to pray as they do more medical testing to determine the form of treatment needed.


Jack Sosebee’s upcoming surgery in September. Please keep Jack and Teresa in your prayers.


Anna Francis’ sister, Sarah’s biopsy came back benign.


Linda Grudle’s mother’s ankle wound on the top has healed very well, however the side of the ankle has developed sores that will not heal. She will get the vascular tests back in mid August. Pray that they can figure it out and be able to help the foot to heal.


Lucille Davis’ son, Michael, will be seeing a VA doctor this week.


Guy Hugh Gray, grandfather of Laura Jones, is 87 years old and is on dialysis and not handling it well.




Eliseo & Catalina Canul Felipe & Alicia Mukul

Juan & Leticia Mukul Galo & Gelmi Mukul

Jonathan Hanegan — Buenos Aires, Argentina




Mary Andrews’ sister, Rose Dobbins, has Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Parkinson’s.


Rich and Jan Brungard’s son’s 47 year old wife has been placed in Home Health Care due to her emphysema.


Amy Deffenbaugh’s mother, Joanne, has Alzheimer’s. Pray for Amy’s dad as he continues to take care of her.


Larry Hankins, a friend of Jeff and Laura Schultz has major medical problems.


Floyd Hoyt’s cousin, David, suffers from cerebral palsy and is physically challenged.


Keira Lyde, Mel Lyde’s granddaughter, has cerebral palsy.


Don MacDonald ’s mom, Connie’s, cancer has come back and she has begun another round of chemo treatments. Continue to keep her in your prayers.


Annie, Sam Pace’s sister, needs full time nursing care and has been placed in a care center. Keep Sam’s dad and Annie’s son in your prayers.


Laura Schultz and Susan Reese’s mother , and Joe Goforth’s sister, Lou Reese, has Alzheimer’s.


Ray Nabb, friend and former co-worker of Jeff and Laura Schultz has cancer.


Bernadean Taraba, mother of LaNae West, need prayers for health situation.


Brad Vonfeldt’s grandpa, Bill Adams, has bladder cancer.


Jacque Wilson’s father, has been put on the kidney transplant list.


Lucy Wright’s great nephew, Brian Smith in Washington, needs a double lung transplant. Please pray for a donor soon.





Dick & Mary Andrews

Ann Eubank

Cherrie Compton

The Fiskes

Bill and Evelyn Franks

Floyd & Marilyn


Ken & Nadene


Ernie Lowry

Felma Maddox

Homer Mercer

Margaret Potter

Vic Potter

Betty Reese

Neal & Cathy


Charlie & Marlene


Lucy Wright

Tina Yarbrough




Please pick a name each week and send a note to let them know you are thinking of them. You will be surprised how this will help to build up their spirits.



Harry & Betty Dumler

10251 W. 44th Ave.


WheatRidge,CO 80033


Joe Goforth

Almost Like Home

6751 West 65th Avenue

Arvada, CO 80003


Dorothy Rensink

Avamere Care Center

401 Malley Drive #28

Northglenn, CO 80233


Pearle Homan

Green Meadows

Assisted Living, LLC

2177 South Golden

Court Denver, CO 80227


Crystal Marshall

Diane Nelson

Elm Haven

12080 Bellaire

Thornton, CO 802341


Lova Prince

Sunny Acres

2501 East 104th #444

Thornton, CO 80233



Opal Shirley

Bethany Health Plex

5301 West 1st Ave.

Lakewood, CO



Marlene Wheeler

7150 Poplar Street

Woodridge Park

Rehab Commerce City, CO 80022




Tim Grudle

Bill Hart

Blaine Hiser

Dillon Stewart






Deceit is the evil cousin of truth. Integrity, trust, transparency and dependability are the sweet relatives of truth. A counterfeit item can be as subtle or blatant as the ability of the forger or the naiveté of the recipient will allow. Witness the shoddy, sometimes dangerous toys and foods foisted on the American public by one of our foreign trading partners. Counterfeit involves fraud, omission, falsehood and lies. Continue reading

Church On A Mission: Mission Possible

Last year we began a practice that sent us into a portion of our community that struggles and exists on the brink of poverty.  We mowed lawns for elderly people. We brought food to families.  We also conducted several home repairs, some quite extensive, at our expense with our own labor force.  We called it Mission Possible because we believed it was possible to reach our and plant our footprints in the community and make a difference. Continue reading