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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin

Welcome Neighbors Gift Baskets

With many new houses being built across the street, Northwest has a wonderful opportunity to reach out and welcome these new neighbors with a gift basket.  At the kiosk is a sheet for you to sign up for items you would like to bring for these baskets.

NOTE:  We need 60 of each item on this list.   Please write your name and the quantity of the item and the item  you  will  bring  to the church TODAY.  Banana Nut Bread, Lotion, Starbucks Gift Card ($5), Handwritten Welcome Card, and a Coffee Cup.



The attack was sudden, unannounced and extremely painful.  The wasps that inhabited the old farm house that my brother and I were painting changed the whole day for me. Fortunately they stung me on my torso and not my face.  We were many miles away from any expert medical help if I had been among those unfortunate few who are deathly allergic to insect venom.  However, I was definitely wishing for that universal antidote for which the alchemists have been searching for centuries.  I can only image the pain of one bitten by a poisonous snake.  An antidote can be something that prevents injurious effects or a medicine or remedy for counteracting the effects of poison or disease.

We have all been bitten by sin and Satan. ( 1 Pe 5: 8-9)  Sometimes the sting is immediate and painful, in other cases, “time wounds all heels.”  Perhaps if we could be immunized ahead of time we wouldn’t need an antidote later?  The book of James gives one tactic–… Resist the devil and he will flee from you”… ( Jas 4:7)  In the secular world if one knew there was a new strain of flu virus, one would search for the best vaccine to combat it.  In our Christian race that might be to put on the full armor of God ( Eph 6:13-18) – truth, righteousness, readiness, faith, the word of God and prayer.  If we are stung, and John the Apostle says we all will be, ( 1 Jo 1:8) he tells us that there is an antidote.  We will be healed by confessing our sins and repenting. ( 1 Jo 1: 9)

What is completely sad and ironic is that some people are so into denial and ego that they refuse to follow God’s prescription and thus suffer the sting everyday.  Can we even imagine a person who was bitten by a poisonous snake doing that?  So, brethren, confess, repent and move back closer to our Abba Father when  attacked by sin.

Jim Bailey



     Recently as I was starting to step onto a high porch with a bag of articles for Thanksgiving, I took a really hard tumble.  I was suddenly on my back with not only my ego but also my knee hurt and bruised.  Fortunately no major damage resulted and the meal and the day were great.  However, the incident gave me a better perception of my declining physical abilities.  Neuropathy of the feet and poor inner ear balance do not equal spring in one’s step.  It also proved that actions often bring consequences.  Not only did it take a chunk out of my knee but left me with a limp.

     That tumble caused me to think how one can tumble in our spiritual walk when we least expect it.  Often it is apt to be a precipitous slip of the tongue rather than an action.  All kinds of emotions—anger, jealously, envy and resentment—can produce harsh words and thoughts which damage our relationship with friends, strangers and even brethren.  The knee will probably heal much quicker than a relationship would.

     Heat, balm and rest will usually heal a knee, but what will heal the sin of the tongue?  The apostle Peter has one solution, “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing.” (1 Pe 3:9)  “…(he) must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech…” (1 Pe 3: 10)  So much easier to preach than to live out. 

     If anyone ever had the right to strike out at injustice, ridicule and slander it was Jesus.  During his public ministry and during his trial the self-righteous Jewish leaders lied about him, belittled him and beat him. (Mt 22:15) (Mt 12: 14) (Mt 26: 65-67)  Yet he, “Set a guard over (his) mouth…and a door over (his) lips…” (Ps 141: 3)  “When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate…” (1 Pe 2:23)

     The very best way to avoid a tumble physically or spiritually is prevention.  Don’t overestimate your sense of security nor be casual about resisting temptation.  Also realize that the body will eventually heal and that God will not remember a confessed and repented sin.  (Heb 8: 12)

                                                                                            Jim Bailey