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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin



Who cares?  The intent and inflection of the one asking this question would determine the answer.  If we hear cynicism, apathy and lack of concern in another’s voice, we  would probably infer that this person is not friendly towards our situation.  However, if we hear a plaintive tone of hope, we might assume the person is in need of sympathy and support. Continue reading


My first experience in a revolving door was fun until it became scary.  We didn’t have such things in my small town, but the big city ( 20,000 people) had them at the entrances of the department stores.  At first it was a thrill to make the door spin but when everyone else but me had exited, I felt trapped and scared. Continue reading



     Much of the “soul music” we hear today had its roots in the time of slavery and was a way to sing and express pain, frustration, sorrow and resentment while doing backbreaking labor.  This music came from deep within the inner person and was deeply and personally felt.

The soul which is mentioned so many times in the Bible is a difficult concept to grasp.  It seems to be interchangeable with spirit at times. The spirit can also be translated as the breath of life. Jesus and His apostles often listed the two as separate entities.( Heb 4:12) ( 1 Thes 5:23) ( Matt 10: 28)

The soul was first given at the creation of Adam and Eve. ( Gen 2:7) ( I Cor 5: 45)  Since mankind was created in the image of the Godhead, (Gen 1: 26-27) we assume that meant that it is the soul that never dies and not the body. ( Eph 3: 16) ( Rev 18: 13)   ( Rev 20:4)

The soul is the most important possession we have.  Jesus taught us not to fear anyone  who could kill the body, rather to fear the one who could destroy both the body and the soul in hell. ( Matt 10: 28) He  also  asked  what  would  it  matter  to gain the whole world and lose the soul.

( Matt 16: 26)

When we sing as a congregation at Northwest, many of the songs can move us to tears as the words touch our innermost feelings. This is soul music but there is a type even deeper.  When we try to express to God our love and appreciation for Him on a personal level, we can’t seem to put that into words.  God has that covered.  The Holy Spirit will intercede and express it with groans. ( Rom 8: 16) ( Rom 8: 26) These groans are the most beautiful and meaningful “ soul music” that exists.

Jim Bailey



The apostle Paul charged the young evangelist, Timothy, to “preach the word” in season and out of season. ( 2 Tim 4:2)  Most sermons I have heard said that meant when it is convenient and when it is not. The context certainly implies be ready to correct, rebuke, and encourage at all times using the God-breathed Scripture mentioned in verse 16 of  the previous chapter.

Paul also charged elders with much the same language. ( 1 Tim 5:17)  What would that  look like to an elder and a church today?

IN SEASON might be a time in which all the brethren:

#  are at peace with each other,

#  are giving cheerfully as prospered,

#  are growing in love for each other and outsiders,

#  are praying without ceasing,

#  hate the evil and cling to the good,

#  attend regularly all services of the church,

#  share with and build up each other,

#  take joy in searching the Scriptures,

#  are honest and patient with everyone.


Obviously the Devil would not let such a situation like that continue unabated for long. He would try to sow seeds of discord between brethren.  He would spread envy, jealousy, pride, suspicion and several other hurtful traits.  He was able to infiltrate the seven churches  mentioned in Revelation as well as the one in Corinth. Any church today that feels it is above all that has put themselves in the position of the Laodiceans of whom Christ said, “you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.” ( Rev 3: 17)

Whether in season or out of season, we all must be instant (KJV) ready (NAS) prepared (NIV) to “preach the word.” ( 2 Tim 4:2)

Jim Bailey



There is an interesting TV Program on HDTV called, “You live in what?”  It features unusual places that people have converted into homes; boats, sugar mills, barns, bakeries, school houses, etc. etc. Not much attention is paid to the outside of these homes to enhance the curb appeal.   However, the insides receive meticulous care at huge expense to make them truly places of great pride and beauty. Continue reading