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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin

Act Of Worship

We have a tendency to compartmentalize.  It’s natural.  We separate our personal lives from our business lives.  We have our normal routines and we take vacations to get away from those routines.  We separate our work from our hobbies.  It’s even natural, from what I can tell, to behave differently in various environments.  That can be a bad thing, but sometimes it’s just normal.  Imagine an employee or boss who behaves constantly like they would at a sporting event where they are overly enthusiastic.  That could get strange. Continue reading


When asked this frequent question, I often reply, “Poorly, but God treats me great.” The world is a very broad term and how we are treated will vary from person to person. However, when it refers to those who have no respect for God nor any love of the truth, ( 2 Thes 2: 9-12) the contrast is quite evident.
The world that is controlled by Satan, “the prince of this world”, (Jo 12:31) is an ugly, dark place because he is a murderer and a liar ( Jo 8: 44) as are his servants. ( 2 Tim 3: 1-5)
Our God cannot lie, ( Tit 1:2) deceive or break promises. He is truth. ( Jo 14:6)
The world directed by Satan masquerades as servants of righteousness just as
its master does. (2 Cor 11:14-15)
Our God fills us with the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5: 22-23) which cannot be counterfeited.
Satan’s world is one of unfairness, perverted justice and selfishness. (Amos 5:12) (Luke 11:42) ( Gal 5:20) ( Jas 3: 14 & 16)
Our God loves justice ( Isa 30:18 ) ( Isa 61: 8) yet He poured out His mercy on us while we were still His enemies. ( Rom 5:10)
The world of Satan is only temporary. The pleasures of sin are for but a season and then comes the judgment. ( Heb 11:25) ( Rom 6:23) ( Rev 20:10)
Our God promises eternal life to the faithful and obedient. ( Jo 3:16) (Jo 14:1-3) He will be with them and wipe away every tear from their eyes. ( Rev 21:3-4)
If the world is not treating us the way we want, we should not be surprised. If we walk with the Lord in the light, we can overcome a dark and ugly world.
Jim Bailey

The World As We Know It

Hollywood is in the business of world making. They design landscapes, stories, and even worlds that capture the imaginations of millions. They are in the business of taking viewers on an “out of this world” experience. Sometimes they take us into the past, sometimes into the future, and sometimes even back to the future. They take us to the depths of the sea, the ends of the earth . . . to infinity and beyond.
The imagination of Hollywood takes people back to places they remember fondly. They also take people into stories where they can experience a wide array of emotions and feelings: fear, love, loss, romance, exhilaration, suspense, compassion, etc. These stories can be highly complex fantasies or they can be simple retelling of significant historic events. In any case, the effort is to transport us into other worlds where possibilities exist, often against all odds, and happy endings are more common than in “real” life.
Movies, books, and music offer us a way to temporarily opt out of own experience of life. Not all forms of escapism are bad for us. My sense is that welcomed distractions are sometimes good for our mental health. Of course, escapism can be bad for us if we carry it too far. Sometimes escapism can carry us so far away from our “real” lives that we avoid or neglect that which truly matters. Continue reading

HAITI 2014

We have decided to postpone our trip to Haiti until later this year in December. Several factors have led us to make this decision. In the mean time, please keep our efforts in prayer. We will keep you posted on the new dates for the trip as soon as they are available. See Sam H. Pace for more information.