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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin

“Fill It Up”

One seldom hears those three little words anymore at the filling station due to the Pay at the Pump age. But it is still a maintenance that can’t be avoided, forgotten or neglected without inconvenient results. A similar situation exists with houses, yards, children and our physical bodies. It is hard to imagine buying a new car or house and then letting them deteriorate due to laziness or indifference. The right fuel or food at the right time in the right amounts are absolutely crucial to keep our material possessions and our bodies functioning well. No rational person would purposely deprive his property, children or himself of regular “fill ups”. Continue reading


Who among us has not longed for those “random acts of kindness” from our peers, family, and brethren?  When it is taken a few steps beyond and expresses itself in sorrow at our distress or misfortune, we should be grateful and vocalize that to them.  When we are given relief or aid or shown mercy, we should be overwhelmed that
anyone would have such pity and compassion towards us. Continue reading


Imagine an invisible continuum that has needy on one end and totally self-reliant on the other. All along the scale there is a movable dial which can measure the progress or reversal of various physical qualities. Some of the qualities might be: Physical growth, Motor skills, Social skills, Financial skills, Knowledge, Wisdom and Emotional stability, to name just a few. As one goes through life the dial should show a steady advancement in these qualities. In reality, the needle would often bounce around and sometimes even regress. Continue reading