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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


The dictionary meaning of partial is, incomplete or not totally.  In the secular world partial can reasonably be used in some situations but would be ludicrous in others.  One can make partial payments on cars, houses and other big ticket items.  One can be a partial (part-time) worker, policeman, fireman, teacher, etc, etc.  To expect to buy a partial puppy from a partial pet store, pay a partial price for a partial kite, to swear to tell the partial truth in a court of law are all fairly ridiculous.  However, some people try to partially love, honor and obey their wedding vows.  Others join organizations and pay dues and are seldom ever seen again.  It also seems that Continue reading


An old Russian fable tells of two dirt-poor farmers named Boris and Yuri. Boris decided to pray to the Lord for a cow so he could better feed his family and perhaps sell some of the milk. Night after night he prayed, “Lord please give me a cow.” Soon the Lord spoke to him and said, “I have heard your prayers and am granting your request.” Yuri was envious and also prayed to the Lord. Soon the Lord appeared and asked Yuri, “Do you also want a cow?” “Oh no, Lord, I want Continue reading


Gullible and naïve almost always have negative vibes. Whereas impressionable can have both meanings. When I was a pre-teenager, our family took a trip to northwest Arkansas to visit relatives. My cousin, Carl, was about 5 years older than I, but let me hang out with him for a whole week. He was a real risk-taker and had a neat Ford coupe in which he took me to movies and other new places. We roamed the hills, jumped off a cliff into the muddy creek water, snuck into an empty plantation house, among the many other adventures I had never even imagined. Continue reading


What is the thirstiest you have ever been? How long did it last? Were you able to ignore it? Physical thirst comes when one doesn’t get enough liquid to moisten the lips, mouth, tongue and throat. Dryness, cottonmouth, trouble swallowing and lack of saliva, are
some of the symptoms.

I still remember two situations of thirst when I was a teenager. Once when I was working for a farmer plowing his fields, I foolishly drank all my water supply before noon. The sun was fierce and there was no covering on the old tractor, let alone an air-conditioned cab. Continue reading

“Shape Shifters”

In one of the old science fiction TV programs the writers created a being who could rearrange its molecules to mimic people or things. Quite a skill indeed. Imagine trying to escape from this being knowing it could be anyone or anything. These shape shifters were nearly always the villains and their talents made for some scary plots.

Normal humans cannot duplicate this ability, but they can borrow traits, both good and bad, to simulate a different identity. “Just be yourself” seems like good advice, but isn’t our present identity a mosaic of behavior we have assimilated over the years? Continue reading