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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin

“Was That Me?”

My mother was a smart, clever woman who raised 4 boys while working at various secular jobs. She had a huge vocabulary, partly through her studies in Latin and partly because of her intellectual curiosity. The one thing she feared most was losing her mental facilities.  Alas, this is exactly what happened in her last years as Alzheimer’s took its terrible toll.  I well remember watching as my younger brother moved her fingers as she attempted to sign her name to get some medicines.  At the end she didn’t even recognize any of our family. Continue reading


Goats were among the most important assets of the early Jewish people. They are closely related to sheep, and are able to live well in desert areas while providing milk and meat to the inhabitants of those regions.  They were among the animals that God commanded Abram to cut into halves to establish a covenant with Him (Gen 15:9).  They were a part of the herds by which both Laban and Jacob counted their prosperity (Gen 30: 42-43). They were used as a sin offering (Nu 7:16) and their hair was used to make curtains for the tent of the tabernacle (Ex 26:7). A goat chosen by lot was called a scapegoat Continue reading


God’s wonderful grace is truly unfathomable to the human mind. This is also true of His love, mercy and forgiveness (Rom 8:38-39). His invisible qualities are nonetheless clearly seen and understood from what has been made (Rom 1:20). He is extremely patient with mankind, not wanting anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance (2 Pe 3:9).  He has allowed sinful, evil people to rebel, attack and hate Him (Rom 1:28-32). From the days of Noah (Gen 6:5-6) to the time of Israel’s and Judah’s corrupt societies (Jer 7:17-18) (Jer 23:13-14) to the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and rulers of Jesus’ day (Mt 23: 13-15) to the 1st Century church (Acts 5:3-4) those who should have been extending God’s grace and love to others were instead doing anything and everything to disrespect and hurt Him. Continue reading

“Shock and Awe”

Those who were old enough in 2003 to watch the news reports can well remember these two words. The encyclopedias define it as—“ the rapid, overwhelming dominance of military power; the spectacular display of force.” This was exactly what happened to Saddam Hussein, the dictator, and his vaunted Republican Guards as the U. S. military rushed across Iraq towards the capital of Bagdad with tanks and soldiers. Very soon the Nebuchadnezzar-like palaces of Saddam became the headquarters of the U. S. forces. The enemy’s will to fight was quickly demoralized and rendered incapable of resistance. Continue reading