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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


No, my friends, this article is not about a city in California or Arkansas.  Neither is it about vacuum cleaners.  Rather it is an exclamation of delight and surprise upon the sudden and unexpected realization of the solution to a problem.  The word is first attributed to the famous Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes who lived from 281 BC to 212 BC.  One could also wonder if Thomas Edison might have used the word after finding the solution to the incandescent light bulb after thousands of failures.  In today’s language one is more likely to exclaim Continue reading


If one wishes to be completely overwhelmed with complex information, one simply has to Google TASKS OF HUMAN BLOOD.  I was amazed by just a cursory study of those tasks. The blood: delivers nutrients and oxygen to cells; transports waste from cells; maintains homeostasis; (ability to adjust the internal environment to maintain a stable equilibrium) transports hormones, regulates body temperature; clots to stop bleeding; and has many more complex functions.  Its components are just as varied being made up of: plasma; proteins; lipids; glucose; red and white cells, and platelets. Continue reading


Recently I went to the post office to get more of those forever stamps with the pickups on them. Guess what? They were not available. Whether they ever will be again is uncertain according to the clerk. Several of the big department stores we once knew are now out of business with more threatening to join them. Have you gone to a store to buy a product you have come to like and depend upon, only to find it has been discontinued or unavailable? You may have gone back to a familiar vacation spot only to discover your favorite farmer’s market or cider stand is long gone. Continue reading


How often have you heard or read the same information without realizing its relevance to you?  You may have heard your parents give a warning about the danger of fire and the destruction and pain it can inflict.  But the general truth really sunk in when the match or firecracker burned your hand.  The same might be said of the stop sign, the speed limit, or wearing your safety belt.  Hopefully we won’t need to find out up close and personal about the logic of these restrictions.  In most people’s life the more we see and experience things the more we understand Continue reading