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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


At one time the bison roamed the American plains in huge herds until they were killed by the thousands.  They were systematically hunted down until they almost became extinct.  Fortunately the remnant was protected by laws and given preserves until they made a comeback.  Several other cases of the discovery of animals long-believed to be extinct exist, perhaps as remnants of once thriving species.

Even today remnants of unknown primitive tribes Continue reading

“One Question”

According to a recent article in THE CHRISTIAN CHRONICLE the faith-based film “An Interview with God” poses the question, “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?”  As you can imagine, this one question has led to many others with a website and discussion guide.  I would guess that the overwhelming percent of the responders included the word why in their one question.  The patriarch Job certainly did try to determine the reason for suffering. (Job 21:7) (Job 24:1)  However, God did not directly answer Job’s questions about suffering and injustice.  Continue reading


Does it sometimes seem that almost every activity in our life is measured by numbers?  Certainly that is true in the sports world.  Whether it be team sports or individual ones, There is some way of recording one’s progress or lack of it.  In the medical arena there are graphs to measure blood pressure, heart beats, temperature, etc, etc.  In the scholastic part of one’s life there are letter grades, SAT’s, final tests and placement tests.  Many of the jobs in the vocational world have machines that tell us Continue reading