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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin

“Try It”

“Try it, you’ll like it.” “If you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it.” During the 1960s one would often hear such advice. It usually came from the generation which also espoused their peers to “drop out” of the establishment and turn on to LSD and other drugs. Many heard the cry and headed for San Francisco to become “Flower Children”. Some were sincere and were truly looking for peace and love. Many, however, were looking for freedom from responsibility and hard work. Some of this resonated to me and my friend. Continue reading


A former US president once appeared on TV with quivering lips and declared to some victims of a tragedy, “I feel your pain.” He may have believed he truly had compassion for them and sympathized with their trouble and sorrow. Although this is a decent thing to say, it may not be totally possible. We can sympathize and empathize with others, but our pain, while similar, is not their pain. This is why the nurse asks us to rate our pain from 0-10 before any treatment takes place. Each of us bring a lifetime of experiences and coping skills to our painful moments. Continue reading


Almost from the moment of our physical birth our outward appearance bears a resemblance to our parents and relatives. He or she has the Smith nose or the Jones eyes is often heard. Our DNA determines and controls these characteristics but many of our tendencies and traits seem to be acquired from one’s experiences and environment.

As our body begins to grow, we take in nutrients to feed our cells. We can’t pinpoint which cells are being nourished at the time of ingestion, but Continue reading


Have you ever had the opportunity to view the stars from a place of near total darkness with a  cloudless sky and almost total silence?  Our family recently found such a site and it was truly awesome to see the billions (trillions?) of stars in just our hemisphere.  It was so wonderful that God has allowed all peoples of the world to enjoy his creation (Gen 1:16) before it is forever destroyed by fire (2 Pe 3:10).

It is very sad but somewhat understandable that many people down through history have perverted this amazing sight by, “praising the creation rather than the Creator” (Rom 1:25).  Continue reading


Most women and a few men really enjoy shopping for new and stylish clothes. Sometimes this is because the old has worn out or perhaps just gone out of style. It is almost universal to want to appear as attractive as possible and garments are a big part of this. When old garments start to wear out we can sometimes salvage them for a while longer. However, a good seamstress is careful not to sew an unshrunken piece of cloth to an old garment to avoid ruining them both (Mt 9:16). A garment which does wear out is frequently compared to how the heavens and the earth will one day wear out
and perish (Ps 102:26) (Isa 51:6) (Heb 1:10-12).

We don’t know much about the garments that Jesus wore except the mention of his seamless garment for which the 4 Roman soldiers cast lots rather than tear it apart (Jn 19:23-24). Continue reading