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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


I have to admit that I am much more of a bandwagon-jumper than a diehard fan of our local professional teams.  In fact, I must have sprained my ankles (not literally) several times jumping on and off the bandwagon depending upon their standings and effort.  The origin of that metaphor seems to have started in 1848 when a famous circus clown put a band on an ornate wagon in order to further his political campaign.  It worked so well that other politicians soon imitated him with their own versions of the bandwagon.  Continue reading


Are you familiar with the jicama (HEE-kuh-muh) plant?  It is sometimes called the Mexican turnip or yam bean.  A tuberous, edible root vegetable, it may be the perfect snack having only 2 calories per slice and low sugar and sodium content.  It is also great in salads with a crunchy texture like a firm pear or raw potato.  One can add some lime or lemon juice to further enhance the taste.  The only drawback for me is the very hard task of removing the thin, tan and tenacious skin.

As I tried to peel one recently Continue reading


Fear is a very real and understandable emotion, especially in today’s world of identity theft and internet intimidation and viruses. Unfortunately, it can begin at a young age through child abuse whether physical, emotional or verbal. In addition, one can develop irrational fear of objects, activities and situations called phobias. If danger is imminent, the most common reactions are fight or flight. In less dangerous situations panic and paralysis are also common. Logical fear and the adrenaline that accompanies it are Continue reading


During the 1300’s in Europe, 20-30 million people were estimated to have died from the Bubonic plague, also known as, “The Black Death.” In the 1800’s in China, 12 million people died from this horrible plague. Ebola and Zika are more recent contagious diseases but with a much lower mortality rate. They are all communicable by contact with an infected person or from fleas and mosquitoes. Many other illnesses such as the flu, measles and the common cold are contagious and Continue reading