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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


Our God is not at all like the false gods and many people.  This quote from Linda Washington in OUR DAILY BREAD is helpful in explaining the uniqueness of the Godhead. “God is not impulsive, suddenly striking out in anger or impatience.”  In the human arena power often turns to a haughty, arrogant and intolerant attitude.  Some leaders in the secular and religious fields develop a self-serving attitude.  Self-righteousness is a term that comes close to defining itself.  It expresses itself in smug, moralistic behavior towards others.  There seems to be little cognizance of one’s own failures, weaknesses and sin and therefore few examples of forgiveness. Continue reading

“Gray Hair”

On more than one occasion Jesus used little children as a teachable moment for his disciples.  He took the children in his arms and blessed them then said, “…unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven… whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 18: 2-4) (Mt 19: 14) (Mk 10: 14-16) (Lk 10: 21) (Lk 18: 16) Continue reading


Picture a city reservoir with pipes that carry the water supply to many individual houses.  Some of that water is then carried to lawns, trees and plants through hoses.  The pipes and hoses are types of conduits which Webster’s dictionary defines as, “a channel through which anything is conveyed.” It is not limited to fluids and could also apply to cables, electricity, information and many other things. In some industries the conduit could be reciprocal in that natural gas flows in one direction and fluids are pumped back to that source. Continue reading


What is the best example of zeal you have seen lately?  Perhaps it was a political candidate giving an impassioned speech about how he or she intended to bring about major changes in our society.  Maybe it was a salesman trying to convince viewers how much they needed his product and how it could make one healthy, wealthy and wise.  It might have been some sports fans loudly cheering their home team.  All of these people were probably filled with fervor and enthusiasm for their particular cause.  This type of zeal is often contagious and can convince others to support the idea or offer they are presenting. Continue reading

“Cheering Section”

Imagine a sporting event with no spectators, no commentators and no reporters. If we include such competitions as debates or chess matches, this might be possible, but even then there would surely be parents, relatives and friends to cheer one’s efforts.  Humans seem to be created to seek approval, recognition and validation.  All the way from high school to college and then to the pros, there are cheering squads, cheer leaders and rabid fans to help raise the level of performance of the players. Continue reading