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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin

“Best and Worst”

Would you allow a camera crew to follow you around for a week and film your every action to be telecasted for everyone to view?  The world loves to belittle, ridicule and mock just about anyone’s weak and embarrassing moments.  Several current TV programs are based on such bad behavior.  Most Christians might believe that their best behavior would greatly outweigh their worst.  Let’s take it a step further.  What would that behavior look like if we didn’t know it was being filmed?  Continue reading


We probably all know people who say, “I wish I’d lived during Bible times and could have seen Jesus in the flesh.”  Really?  As the old adage says, “Be careful what you wish for!”  Does the person who wishes for such a fantasy totally understand the hardships, dangers, and deprivations of that time period?

A day’s journey back then was an average of 24 miles.  Usually this meant about 8 hours because no one could dare travel at night.  Of course, one had to allow for the unexpected in the form of sandstorms, heat, sickness, thieves and many other obstacles.  Would we really want that kind of inconvenience for the 3 and ½ years of Jesus’ ministry? Continue reading


Most of us have seen our fellow commuters multitask while driving in heavy traffic.  Some seem quite proficient at it and are able to eat, drink, talk on cell phones, brush their teeth and many other activities while they navigate their way to work.  These habits seem risky but nearly all of us have multitasked in some facets of our lives.  Multitasking is more than being able to do several tasks well, it is being able to do more than one at the same time.  In fact, Continue reading

“Heaven Came Down”

No, we are not talking about meteors or comets. To understand the title of this article we must make a distinction between heaven and the heavens. It appears that each time the Bible uses heavens it refers to the planets, stars or other parts of the universe except the earth (Gen 1:1) (Jer 32:17). Both the dictionary and the Bible speak of heaven as the abode of the Godhead, the angels and the souls of the righteous after death (1Ki 19:15) (Dt 26:15) (Ex 20:22). Jesus prayed to his Father in heaven (Mt 6:9). Jesus was taken up into heaven (Mk 16:19). Continue reading

“Happy Returns”

During the Christmas season one might hear the term Many Happy Returns. It is less popular now than in past years, but it still means that one wants these happy days to recur over and over. We will also probably hear songs about going home to relive those sweet times we remember and cherish. What we hope to recreate is the joy and expectation as well as the peace, love and family ties. Much of this may be nostalgia and a desire to escape the stress and responsibilities of adulthood. Nevertheless, since we can’t physically become that innocent child again Continue reading