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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


The world needs complicated thinkers to plan and build our cities and infrastructure, to discover new medicines and treatments, to invent more and better sophisticated electronic devices, to plan and execute our space exploration and dozens of other helpful projects. For the rest of us there is always the help for dummies series. I was recently given a smart phone for my birthday and struggle every day to do what it tells me to do. I just can’t outsmart that “smart” phone. Continue reading

“Then – Now – When”

It seems as if then is often an excuse for regrets or nostalgia. Some people look back to the past and concentrate on the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. Roy Clark’s song, “Yesterday When I Was Young” is a good example of this. (Google it?)  However, Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday” seems to have a much more positive outlook, “I believe in yesterday, “All my troubles seemed so far away.”  It does appear that when one remembers then moments, one is apt to dwell on the good times and sublimate the bad times. Mortgage paid off VS Cancer operation, Vacation at Disneyland VS Lawsuit, Graduation of children VS Eviction, etc, etc. Continue reading


For a newborn baby life is fairly simple—sleep, cry, eat, eliminate, repeat.  His/her parents tend to the complicated stuff like getting dressed and cleaning up the messes.  No one expects even simple tasks such as brushing teeth, combing hair, tying shoes, or eating with a spoon.  We use the term age appropriate to explain certain stages of development.  As the child grows physically and mentally we would no doubt see the child undertaking more and more difficult tasks.  Before too long some children start surpassing their parents in complex areas such as social media. Some areas are a matter of learning through practice and logic, others are genetic. (I never could wiggle my ears nor roll up my tongue.) Continue reading


It is difficult to limit the qualities of friendship because each one has its own dynamics.  A true BFF (best friend forever) grows instead of fades when time and distance could end the relationship.  I am very fortunate to have lifelong friends—My wife, my blood brothers, my children, my relatives and my spiritual brethren to name just a few. Continue reading


Validation and its spin-offs, valid and value, have so many uses it is difficult to pin it down.  Many of us have taken our parking ticket stub to a reception desk inside a commercial office to have it validated.  In this case, that means that you have, indeed, a legitimate reason to be parked there and the fees will be voided. Some food products have a label stating that they are valid or usable until a certain date. Most eulogies at funerals validate or extol the value of the deceased’s life. To legally enter a country Continue reading