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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin

Parents with Kids

If you are a parent with kids at home or hope to someday have children consider attending the parenting class being offered on Sunday morning during the fall quarter (Sep – Nov).  It is based upon Dr. Paul Faulkner’s book “Raising Faithful Kids in a Fast Paced World.”  Amazon has used book’s for sale starting as low as $1.00 and new for $11.00.  John Rakestraw will be leading the class.  If you have any questions see John.


Two friends were having a conversation.  JOE:  I think that the two most destructive forces in Society today are ignorance and apathy.  What do you think?  MOE:  I don’t know and I don’t care!  JOE:  Great answer.  MOE:  Uh, what?  In the secular world it does seem that these two characteristics are fraternal twins or at least first cousins because they so often appear together with one feeding off the other.  Some issues matter very little such as my ignorance and apathy about algebra.  However, in other areas such as bank balances and traffic laws, I can’t afford to take such an indifferent attitude.  Continue reading



We live in a culture that to great extent is accustomed to instant gratification.  If one is rich or famous he can get just about anything and get it quickly. Newlyweds often expect to have a new car and a new house in their first year of marriage. Some people complain if their computer is not responsive in under 10 seconds or their meal takes longer to arrive in a restaurant. We want what we feel we deserve and we want it NOW!  It sometimes takes a visit to a slower-paced culture to help us understand the reduction in stress and other benefits of slowing down.  Perhaps keeping track of what we actually did with the few minutes we saved in the normal, hectic race of life would be quite educational. Continue reading



“I miss you already and you’re not even gone,” was a line from an old popular song, but it certainly rang true to me on a recent Saturday night. I had been sick for a couple of days and by then I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend worship services with my church family. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” doesn’t take much absence. A lot can happen on a Sunday morning. Two baptisms, a wife getting to return after weeks of recovery, a new make-over for the building, smiles, handshakes are just a few of the many good things I missed.

Hebrews 10:25 is a strong admonition, but beyond that it tells us that we will miss out on the “each other” fellowship of our brethren by our absence. We are blessed to live in a time when communication is ubiquitous with so many types of electronic gismos. However, it is possible to be constantly “connected” and still be distant. Let’s not fall into the semantic trap that some in Paul’s day did when comparing grace and sin. ( Rom 6:1) The more absence the greater fondness is faulty reasoning. It is almost impossible to “bear one another’s burdens,” if we don’t even know their names. ( Gal 6:2)

Since there are times when absence at worship is unavoidable, aren’t we glad that God invented memories? We found an old post card in a family Bible from the 1800’s that had only three words, “Papa died yesterday.” No doubt those words, even though they arrived many days later, suddenly stirred vivid memories after years of absence. Paul must have had lots of time in prison to remember many brethren he lists in the final chapter of Romans.

Death on this earth is the ultimate absence. It leaves a deep hole in our hearts and minds. Physically our loved ones cannot return to us. (2 Sam 12:23) ( Lk 16:26) But through the memories of the mind, augmented with photos and recordings, we can ease the pain of absence to a small degree. The wonderful hope of the faithful Christian is that in heaven there will be no more death, time, tears nor separation. ( Rev 21:3-4)                    Jim Bailey

Appointment of New Elders


Today the eldership would like to put forward two men who are currently willing to serve as elders.   We ask each member to prayerfully consider these men.   If you find a scriptural objection that one of them is not qualified to serve in this capacity, please contact one of the current elders no later than Sunday, July 10th.

Our brothers in Christ that we would ask you to consider are Vivek SunderRaj and Rick Kramer.

If there is no scriptural objections, they will be installed as one of the elders of this Body on Sunday, July 31st.

Please join us in thanking these men, and their families for their willingness to serve this Body.

The role of an elder is a scripturally appointed position of service.   Men who are willing to offer their service must be evaluated with the utmost spiritual maturity and thoughtful prayer.

With our most heartfelt brotherly love, You’re Eldership.