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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


Sometimes one needs to move over before one can move on.  Those who have tried to use the same familiar route into the mountains have found that to be true after an avalanche or landslide has blocked I-70.  If one does not move over to a long detour, one will be delayed for a much longer time.  This also can happen at the DMV or grocery line.  In a symbolic way we have to move ahead when prices and products change.  (Who wouldn’t like to return to 25 cent gasoline or a 5 cent candy bar?)  We move on in almost every area of our secular life—tricycle to bicycle to auto—for example.

In our Christian walk we also need to move off dead center from time to time. I enjoyed my tenure as deacon of missions for 25 years and felt great satisfaction in that assignment.  However, Northwest needed elders and the next generation needed to step up and continue the program. I have been your elder for about 13 years and Homero has done a wonderful job as your deacon of missions.

We all need to follow God’s teaching on growing from milk to meat spiritually. ( 1 Co 3:2) ( Heb 5: 12) ( 1 Pe 2:2)  It is so easy to feel comfortable with the same pews, the same songs, the same rituals and resent any change. ( Even giving up our familiar restrooms for more distant ones was hard)  The straight and narrow way that Jesus mentioned ( Mt 7: 13-14) has many twists and turns with rocky areas and detours but leads to life. The broad road (status quo) leads to destruction. After all, we are headed towards the biggest move of our life, the heaven God has prepared for us. Let’s move over and move on!

Jim Bailey

Northwest Food Cupboard

The Northwest Food Cupboard needs to be replenished!  We need the following items:

Canned fruit
SpagettiO’s, canned spaghetti with meat balls, etc.
Peanut Butter
Saltine Crackers
Spagetti Sauce
Canned meat—not tuna
Canned vegatables—NOT GREEN BEANS/CORN
Boxed meals

Please leave items in the church office.   Please do not take them directly to the food cupboard as we must check for expiration dates.


If a Christian is cognizant and alert, he or she can find dozens of secular examples that have spiritual applications.  For example, the popular black and white movie often seen at Christmas time “It’s a Wonderful Live”  teaches us the value of every life on the people with whom one comes into contact.  Another old movie called “Paradise Lagoon” has resonated with me for many years.  It has no familiar stars nor strong publicity but a great moral lesson that echoes much of what James 2 teaches about favoritism.

Crichton, a humble and valuable butler of a millionaire Lord in England accompanies the Lord and his family on a yacht to the South Seas. They are stranded on a deserted island after a violent storm. The Lord, believing he should be in charge of the group due to his class status, fails miserably.  It is Crichton, who has developed practical survival skills after years of serving the family, who becomes the leader and teaches the spoiled family how to work. There was much resistance at first, but only until hunger and common sense prevailed.  After two years they are rescued but the family dynamics are forever changed. Humility and skills trumped arrogance and riches.

In the spiritual world we are castaways and need to learn to survive and grow like the family in the movie did. Jesus is our spiritual Crichton and will teach us to grow from milk to meat in our spiritual journey. ( 1 Cor 3:2) ( Heb 5: 12) As we do we must not show favoritism due to economic, social or cultural reasons. ( Jas 2:1-11) We will learn from all our brethren lessons in love and humility and rid ourselves of any possible vestiges of superiority.

Jim Bailey