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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin



     Trust but verify seems to work well in police work, product claims and various other secular transactions. Should this also be carried over into our journey of faith?  Maintaining a strong faith is a life-long challenge. Critics of Christianity would say whatever cannot be experienced by our senses is not valid. On the other hand, some people say that we should trust our feeling and our intuitions.

Webster’s Dictionary defines trust and faith in almost the same terms with confidence mentioned in both. For our purposes let’s say that faith is belief in action although it is surely much more than that. True faith is a confidence and reliance in the integrity of a person or thing. It is a growing system of belief and trust which can stand up to cynics and our own doubts. ( Gal 5:6)

To verify our faith almost sounds suspicious, weak and vacillating. ( Ja 1:4-8) However, in many Scriptures we are told to test different statements and people. The Apostle John says we should, “…Test the spirits ( of false prophets)…” (I Jo 4:1)  Paul writes …“ Test everything.   Hold on to the good.” ( I Th 5:21) The Bereans were commended for examining the Scriptures daily to check up on the truthfulness of Paul’s preaching.  ( Acts 17:11)  God Himself once gave His permission to test His promises to reward the Israelites for their giving. ( Mal 3:10)

However, He also commanded not to put Him to the test if they were challenging His sovereignty or character with false motives and disbeliefs either by the Israelites (Dt 6:16) or Ananias and Sapphira. ( Acts 5:9)

Our faith can stand the test of time and doubt by checking the Scripture and by those truths proven by the experience of daily life. Yes, trust, verify, act, obey and grow in faith.

Jim Bailey


It has been said, “What the mind can conceive, the hands can achieve.” We have seen this demonstrated in Art, Music and Literature as well as in Politics and Technology.  However, that becomes a very arrogant saying if we give God no credit for these accomplishments. After all, who gave us a mind and hands?

Almost nothing is more cute than a small child’s imagination as he creates his forts from furniture or his cards and stories. His explanations are often even greater yet.

There seems to be a fine line between imagining and daydreaming. Either activity can produce good or bad fruit depending on the goals one has. “Let your imagination run wild,” can produce lofty or disastrous results.

One of our most wonderful gifts God has given us is our imagination if it doesn’t run counter to His revealed Word. He has given us great latitude to imagine how we might fulfill His command to love Him and our fellowman. Many visions have been realized after beginning with an individual’s concept of what could be: Mission field with steady growth, Radio and TV ministries, Church plantings, Service projects to the community, and many others.

God tells us that there are some things that no one has or can conceive. ( I Cor 2:9 ) How did He create tangible things out of nothing?  How did He breathe life into a human’s body? Why does He still love us after knowing we were his enemies?  Heaven is another mystery we can daydream about but not really understand.  Lots of folks try to imagine it as a better extension of earth’s best features. Others take the language of Revelation literally. Actually, it appears from the verse above that it will so greatly surpass these ideas that we will truly be awestruck. Still we are free to imagine a new heaven and a new earth where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have prepared a beautiful and sinless paradise for us. ( Rev 21)

Jim Bailey