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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


Deceit is the evil cousin of truth. Integrity, trust, transparency and dependability are the sweet relatives of truth. A counterfeit item can be as subtle or blatant as the ability of the forger or the naiveté of the recipient will allow. Witness the shoddy, sometimes dangerous toys and foods foisted on the American public by one of our foreign trading partners. Counterfeit involves fraud, omission, falsehood and lies. Continue reading

Church On A Mission: Mission Possible

Last year we began a practice that sent us into a portion of our community that struggles and exists on the brink of poverty.  We mowed lawns for elderly people. We brought food to families.  We also conducted several home repairs, some quite extensive, at our expense with our own labor force.  We called it Mission Possible because we believed it was possible to reach our and plant our footprints in the community and make a difference. Continue reading


Our Parenting With Love & Logic class begins on Monday, July 21st,
2014.  The focus will be on early childhood through 12 years old.  We
will meet from 6:30 PM until 7:45 PM.  This course will go for 6
consecutive weeks.   Childcare will be provided.  The required
workbook for this course is $15 per person. Space is limited so please
contact Sam H. Pace as soon as possible to let him know you will be in

The Weight Of The World

My son is a tyrant. He’s 16 and full of strength and energy. I’m 43 and it’s been several years and several hundred latte’s since I exercised vigorously. Needless to say, I’ve accumulated some extra pounds and lost some much needed physical prowess to keep up with my 16 year old tyrant. We hit the gym together this morning for the first of what he hopes to be many workouts this summer. He’s hounded me for a few months now to work out with him and I finally succumbed to his antagonizing comments about my weakened and feeble state. Continue reading

Seeing God

A while back I was talking to a woman about wearing glasses and she shared her story. As a child her parents were quite poor and though they knew she needed glasses they just couldn’t afford them. She was about 9 years old when the time came that her parents could afford the glasses. Even at 60 years of age she was recalling her story with enthusiasm and she said, “You know, I put them on and I didn’t want to take them off. For the first time in my life I could see, I could really see. I wanted to sleep with them on and never take them off!” Continue reading