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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin



          The King James Version of the Bible uses the word guile while most newer translations use the term deceit.  The dictionary defines this trait as:  insidious, cunning, artfully, deceptive and wily.  The opposite meaning is straightforward, sincere and honest. Continue reading

Does God Understand?

Quite often, when people are encouraged to put aside whatever is preventing them from attending services regularly, they will say:  “Well, I really should be there, but I think God understands!”

God has gone on record in Hebrews 10:25 as saying, “Not forsaking the assembling…” He does not understand why some of his people willfully and stubbornly hold to habits of forsaking the assembly!   God does understand that we need to meet to praise Him and to study His word.   God does understand that others need the encouragement of our presence.   We are a family that He put together.

By Chuck Carlton


My dad is a storyteller.  I haven’t always appreciated that about him.  When I was a young boy I recall sighing with my brother and sisters whenever he’d start in, “I’ve got a story about that . . .”  We would try to get out of it, but he wouldn’t let us.  We were stuck.  But something would change after a few seconds.  A detail would catch our attention and draw us into the story.  Next thing you know we were asking questions and listening intently.  Funny how that happens, huh? Continue reading


     The crash didn’t seem to bother my grandpa Frank a bit, but as the shell of the old car I was driving hit the bumper of my grandpa’s 52 Chevy pickup, it scared the 11 year old me out of my wits. I did fine steering the car up the hills and on the flats, but the slack in the chain between us was my undoing. The car had no brakes at all, a fact that grandpa didn’t check out. It probably sounds quaint in this day of cars which can stop themselves, but for many years I had reoccurring nightmares of being in cars with no brakes. Continue reading


Faith comes in the midst of uncertainty.

Most of us have been there. You know, that place where we just don’t know. Maybe it was sitting in a courtroom waiting for a verdict. Maybe it was waiting on the front porch for a teen to come home . . . and they’re late and didn’t call. Maybe you were the teen. Maybe it was in a hospital waiting room. Maybe you were waiting for the results. Maybe you were waiting for the call after the interview. Continue reading