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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin

“The Old Home Place”

My wife, Darlene, and I strained our eyes and our imaginations to try and see the outline of the old home place beneath the millions of gallons of water created by the construction of the Norris Dam and Reservoir in eastern Tennessee by the TVA during the nineteen thirties.  It is a little north of Knoxville and was built for the dual purposes of economic development and flood control.  We were told by relatives that one could still see the outline of the farm house from atop the dam.  My grandpa, Frank, and his family were one of the 2,841 families relocated to build the 1,860 foot long by 265 foot high dam. We had come to this area from Colorado in hopes of connecting with my roots. Although we were never sure if we saw the old home place, we did visit with some of Frank’s kinfolk. Uncle Ed had a very nice farm not far from the dam but humbly said, “Nah, it has two rocks for every dirt.” Continue reading


When a young doctor prefaces a diagnosis with those five dreaded words, “For a person your age,” one knows things are starting to go south.  Whether it is a doctor, mechanic, teacher or boss, a diagnosis is often softened by such a euphemism.  The mechanic might say, “Your car should have lots of miles left in it.” The teacher might say, “Your child is very cheerful and active.”  The boss could say, “I’ve noticed you have lots of friends here.”  Most people would recognize that the other shoe is about to drop and the results will not be favorable. Continue reading


If you could pray for and have any three blessings from above, what would they be?  Paul in his last farewell to the Corinthians listed this threesome—-“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God (Father) and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” (1 Cor 13: 14) What a promise!  The Godhead working together for the Christian’s benefit. Continue reading


An ambassador is a diplomatic official of the highest rank sent by one sovereign state to another as its resident representative.  He/She serves as an authorized messenger or representative by transmitting current policy of his/her country to the host country’s government.  In this country ambassadors are appointed by the U. S. President.  They are also the cultural connection between the two countries.  They do not have to know the language of the host country, but that would greatly facilitate the interaction.  Ambassadors live in an Embassy which is usually in the city that houses the government of the host country.  The job is critical and demands quick thinking and good communication, especially during stressful situations. Continue reading

“Weasel Words”

Somewhere between truth and outright lies, exists the world of euphemisms (vague or mild expressions thought to be less harmful and blunt than direct language) and weasel words.  The weasel is a cunning and sneaky animal in the same family as the mink and ferret.  When applied to a human, it connotes one who, “reneges, misleads and evades an obligation.” We often hear these words today when a celebrity, politician or sports hero is caught in a crime or sin and issues an apology/excuse—“If my words or actions offended anyone, I’m sorry.” Most people recognize that this statement was crafted by an adviser, agent or lawyer to protect the guilty party from loss of popularity, ego or perhaps prison.  Euphemisms are less blatant and may even be kind at times.  Often when a person has lost a loved one, it might be appropriate to say, “He passed away” rather than he died. Continue reading