My grandma and later my mother used to say to me and my brothers—”If you can’t help, at least don’t hinder.”  That was good advice then, and I suspect it is probably a universal precept for all ages for all times.  Unfortunately, most of us are very slow learners since it is so much easier to analyze and criticize than to prioritize and energize.

As Christians we need to realize that one of Satan’s favorite tactics is to throw impediments into our life and hope we’ll pass them on to those who are trying to be zealous for Christ.  Impediments are also called obstructions, hindrances and obstacles and can take many forms.

It seems as if Jesus’ ministry here on earth was continually being invaded by impediments from Satan and his dupes.  The Apostles even contributed at times.  Instead of recognizing that the children people were bringing to Jesus to have him touch them were precious, they rebuked their parents.  Jesus was INDIGNANT and told the Apostles not to hinder them, “…for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these…” (Mk 10:13-15)  They also tried to stop a man who was driving out demons in Jesus’ name, but Jesus declared, “…for whoever is not against us is for us” (Mk 9:39-40) Peter had to be rebuked when he tried to dissuade Christ from fulfilling his mission.  Jesus said to him, “Get behind me Satan!  You are a stumbling block to me…”(Mt 16:23)  Judas, who had been a major impediment in the matter of money, proved to be a huge impediment due to his betrayal—Then Satan entered Judas…(Lk 22:3)

When we are given great opportunities and teachable moments, we can sometimes thwart them by our objections and negative vibes.  No doubt this can be caused by a desire to defend the Lord and the gospel.  We can err through lack of knowledge or even just wanting to show our superior knowledge.  I have often felt myself slipping into that mind-set either by thought or words.  God forbid that we would frustrate the will of Jesus by our neglect, objections or actions.  Jesus might be INDIGNANT with us.



—-Jim Bailey