Some actions are probably irrelevant in the grand scheme of life. In such situations we face a choice of either/or as in: blue tie or red tie, Pepsi or Coke, mountains or beach, TV or internet, etc, etc. In other situations we have more than two choices (the best car for the money) (which restaurant serves the best steak) (which TV program should we watch tonight). These types of choices don’t seem to affect eternity or even next week. But the end decision is still irrelevant. However, even in our daily life certain seemingly irrelevant decisions do have consequences. Ethel, regular or diesel at the gas pump is not irrelevant to our engine. Career choices at an early age, words spoken frivolously, credit cards with high interest rates and many other decisions can sometimes
prove costly down the road.

Unfortunately some people treat their spiritual life the same way they do their secular existence. To them there are many paths to heaven and one is as relevant as another. To others, people remain relevant as long as they don’t vary too much from what these folks believe and practice. Otherwise they become irrelevant and are dismissed from consideration.

With God no person is irrelevant. (2Pe 3:9) He cares about each one of us so much that He knows the number of hairs on our head. (Mt 10:30) (Lk 12:7) My mother’s favorite song was, “His Eye is on the Sparrow (and I know he watches me.)” (Mt 10:29)

His desire is that we work on our heart issues to show our devotion and obedience to Him. We need to use all of our heart to: Seek Him (2 Chr 22:9) Follow Him (1 Ki 14:8) Give Him our undivided heart (Ps 86:11) Obey with all of our heart (Ps 119:34) Trust Him (Pr 3:5). God wants us to create a pure heart, a broken and contrite heart like King David (a man after God’s own heart) (Ps 51:10) (Ps 51: 17) Almost everything else we will do is irrelevant compared to pleasing God. His reward is great. ( Heb 6:10)

Jim Bailey