As we neared Limon on I-70 we used to look for an old farmhouse that became a landmark on our trips. It was clear that at one time it was a fine two-story structure. However, year after year we saw it deteriorate until finally it collapsed into a pile of ruins. There are several other ways that houses and buildings are destroyed. Some are exploded as in war zones. Others are imploded by the skillful use of dynamite or leveled by heavy machinery. Nowadays the trend is to retain the exterior and completely rebuild or “flip” the interior. Of course some structures are totally reduced to rubble
and hauled away never to be rebuilt.

Unfortunately, there is a correlation between these buildings and many people’s lives. Almost weekly we hear of someone exploding in a fit of anger and killing others before killing themselves. Sadly, others choose to slowly implode through hate, depression, resentment, and apathy. Either way lives are destroyed or altered.

Our spiritual lives are not immune. Satan makes sure of that. If he can’t use one explosive outburst to destroy faith, he is patient enough to use resentment, anger, envy, jealousy and other tools to slowly erode one’s belief and love of the brethren. In short, we might implode.

Even if he succeeds for a time, we can rebuild (flip) our inner person. Start with the renewing of our minds. (Rom 12:2) Continue with a new attitude. (Eph 4:23) Rebuild a new self. (Eph 4:24) (Col 3: 10) Finally top it off with a new birth. (1 Pe 1:3) Our
soul can be new and clean again, more sparkling than any rebuilt house. That house has no doubt increased in value, but the rebuilt soul will, “shine like stars in the universe.” (Phil 2: 15)

—Jim Bailey