There are many ways to drown physically. In the literal sense we could die due to suffocation in water or other liquids. One could actively destroy someone by submerging or immersing him in water. Figuratively we might be drowned by becoming overwhelmed by: debt, mistakes, sorrow or sin. I have personally know the terror of nearly drowning in water. I can only imagine the fear that asthmatics and sufferers of COPD go through.

Ironically, one must die spiritually in order to be reborn. (Rom 6:3-4) (Jo 3: 3-5) This happens in the waters of immersion where we symbolically drown our old person and become a new person. (Jo 3: 23) (Acts 8: 36-38) Unlike a physical drowning where there is grief, in our new birth (1 Pe 1:3) we can go on our way rejoicing as did the Ethiopian. (Acts 8:39) We drown the old person and become a new person (2 Co 5: 17) with a new self. (Eph 4: 24)

As in the case of a newborn baby, we should then crave pure spiritual milk (teaching) in order to grow up to become a royal priesthood. (1 Pe 2: 9) To better achieve this transformation, we need a spiritual nurse. God promises us this nurse in the gift of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:38) He will give us the strength to change old habits into new and caring ones. (Eph 3: 16) (Eph 4: 22-24) Many people try to drown their sorrows, memories, mistakes, habits and sins in drugs and alcohol. But they never really go away. A newborn Christian gets a fresh start and God forgives and drowns those old sins. (Jer 31: 34) (2 Cor 5:19) Not much of a choice here, heartaches and regrets or rejoicing and salvation!

—Jim Bailey