I was an only child—for about 3 ½ years until my younger brother joined the family. Over the years we have become each other’s confidant and close friend. During my very early years I had 2 other confidants—Guy Riggle and Mr. Gilsnon. Guy was my
Teddy Bear and monster chaser at night. He has since retired to my daughter’s house in San Antonio to make rare appearances to her 4th graders as a visual aid. Mr. Gilsnon was my invisible confidant and also my scapegoat. He never seemed to complain when I blamed him for my bad behavior.

I also had peers whom I thought would be confidants, only to be disappointed and sad when they failed or moved away. We had no real pets at home, but my grandparents’ dog, Teddy, was a real pal and I grieved for weeks when he died. My best and longest lasting confidant in this physical world is my wife of 55 years. We share almost everything and use each other as a sounding board before making big decisions.

Every person needs a confidant with “skin on it.” Babies who are raised with physical care but no emotional support often fail to thrive in later life. They also seem to be the ones who are most vulnerable to child predators. Someone needs to alleviate their fears and frustrations by listening to them and being their confidant.

Christians have the best confidants now and for eternity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, although invisible (1 Tim 1:17) live within immersed believers. (Jo 14:23) (Rom 8:9-11) Unlike Mr. Gilsnon, they speak to us (through inspired written scripture) and share their innermost thoughts. (1 Cor 2:10-12, 16) They will never abandon or leave us. (Dt 4:31) (Ps 46:1) (Rom 8:26) (Heb 13:5) They long to protect us and save us from harm. (Mt 23:37) (Jo 3:16) God will reward us for our effort on His behalf. (Heb 6:10) He will never disappoint us and will ultimately usher us into His heavenly kingdom where He will tenderly wipe away all tears from our eyes. (Rev 21:3-4)

Since we all can have such a confidant, we need to be a confidant to others. (2 Cor 1:3-4) We can pay forward the comfort that the Godhead has given us. One who will listen to others, pray for them and reassure them that God cares about their pain and sorrow, will become a confidant and friend to them.
— Jim Bailey