The hymn we often sing, WHEN UPON LIFE’S BILLOWS, contains the line, “count your many blessings.” It has a nice tune and a great message. However, the part that says, “ name them one by one,” is very hard to do. When I have insomnia I try but fail to even come close. I usually just try to lump them into categories such as: Family, Possessions, Opportunities, Brethren, Freedom, etc, etc. These are only the temporal ones, the spiritual ones would take even longer.

One has to wonder how someone could list all our blessings without seeming to be a braggart like the Pharisee in Jesus’ parable. (Lk 18:11-12) In fact, like our former preacher Don Campbell says,
“There are no self-made Christians, only salvaged sinners.” The answer then would be to let others vocalize it and let us internalize it.

The Patriarch Job was called, “the greatest man among all the people of the East.” (Job 1:3) He could have listed his huge fortune and good family as his blessings but the Holy Spirit did it for him. (Job 1:1-2) King David and later King Solomon had similar blessings. Solomon did list his wealth and accomplishments but probably to make the point of all things being meaningless. (Ecc 2:4-9) Job lost everything before God restored it. In his case, “time heals all wounds.” In David and Solomon’s situations, because of sins, they lost a family, (2 Sam 12:9-12) and a kingdom. (1 Ki 11: 5a, 11, 31) We might say, “time wounds all heels.”

We have surely all wondered why some of us are so blessed with material blessings while others are nearly destitute. Why is one person blessed with health, strength, intelligence, musical abilities and good looks and the rest of us not so much? We will probably not have the answer to these why questions in this life. However, we know exactly where our spiritual, eternal blessings come from. From the Lord Almighty! (Eze 34:26)(Rom 10:12) (Eph 1:3)

Jim Bailey