From Exile to Destruction of 2nd Temple

When reading the Gospels are you sometimes confused about what the Law of Moses actually said when compared to many 1st Century Jewish practices? Why were tax collectors so disparaged by many 1st century Jews? Who were the Essenes? Herod who? There were so many of them! What impact did the Maccabees, the Greeks, the Romans have on the 1st century world?

Lastly, why should we care?
*To understand late Jewish history.
*To enrich our understanding of the world Jesus lived in.
*To enhance the vibrancy of New Testament writings.

Come join John Rakestraw lead a discussion of world & Jewish history from the “Exile of Judea to the Destruction of the 2nd Temple.” The class will meet in the Overflow from 9:00 to 9:45 a.m. during our summer Bible class quarter (June, July, August).