The most accepted use of dynasty is a sequence of rulers from the same family or group whose privileges are passed down from one generation to the next. Often it involves Kings or rulers but could also be true of rich families or business moguls. In sports a
team that has won championships year after year such as: the Yankees, Celtics, Patriots, Alabama and UCLA, are also known as dynasties.

In the secular world Wikipedia lists dynasties from almost every country on the map. Some of them lasted several decades, others several centuries. A few of the more familiar ones are: Ming (China), Hapsburg (Austria), Romanov (Russia), Medici (Italy), Tudor (England) and Charlemagne (France). In many of these the King was a virtual dictator whose wishes were the law—even over life and death. Today there are a handful of dictators who pass on this power to an heir, such as in North Korea and in some of the Arabic countries. However, in nearly all countries with Monarchies, the role of the King or Queen is mostly ceremonial.

The spiritual dynasty is vastly different than the physical ones. Jesus did die for 3 days but his rule was not passed on to another. Rather he rose from the dead to allow Christians to share in his dynasty. He explained to Pilate that his kingdom was not a physical one, “…my kingdom is not of this world.” (Jo 18:36) Unlike the physical, earthly kingdoms, his will never end. (Lk 1:33) (2 Pe 1:11) (Ps 92:8) God’s kingdom transcends all geography and rules over all other kingdoms. (2 Ki 19:15) The Christians here on earth are a part of Jesus’ spiritual kingdom. (Heb 12:28) (Col 1:13) In some amazing, almost inconceivable verses he tells us that, we are made to be, “ priests to serve his God and Father…” (Rev 1:6) (1 Pe 2:5, 9) Not only that, but we can be children and co-heirs of Christ. (Gal 4:7) (Rom 8:17) Jesus will one day hand over this kingdom (church) to God the Father…” (1 Cor 15:24) The heavenly dynasty will have come full circle.

—Jim Bailey