For several years during the summer my family and I made a hiking trip to Ouzel Falls in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain Park near Mt. Meeker and Long’s Peak.  It is a 5.4 mile trek alongside beautiful North St. Vrain Creek.  The scenery is outstanding  and near the top is the beautiful Calypso Cascades where one can eat a picnic lunch in the middle of the creek.  The closer one gets to the 9,668 ft. elevation of the falls, the louder the roar of the falls.  It is a moderately difficult hike but with the wooden bridges, tall trees and wild life, one barely notices the upward ascension.  The many signs and fellow hikers who offer words of encouragement make the beauty of arrival even more rewarding.

In many ways this reminds one of the spiritual journey that Christians undertake on the road to heaven.  It is also an upward struggle and can be tiring.  Our fellow travelers often lift our spirits by pointing out the abundant life we enjoy here (Jo 10:10) and the value of fellowship with those who are striving for the same goal (Heb 10:25).  We can relax over a common meal and remember the joys of shared experiences.  As we draw nearer and nearer to heaven we can hear the words of the Holy Spirit in ever more resounding clarity.  As Ouzel Falls feeds the North St. Vrain Creek with pure water, so God’s word fills our souls with words of hope and expectation.

Several times during our physical hike we may be tempted to give up and focus on our blisters instead of the magnificent wonders of Gods’ creation.  However, the signs along the way tell us the distance we still need to go to reach Ouzel Falls.  God’s words in the Bible tell us how wonderful our future will be if we forge ahead on the narrow path to the heavenly goal. (Rev 2:10)

~Jim Bailey