During the last 60 years or so there have been a huge number of innovations in health and medicine with many more to come. With the advent of robotics the heavy and cumbersome prosthesis of past years will surely be replaced with lighter computer controlled arms and hands. The world marveled in 1954 when Richard Herrick received a kidney from his twin brother, Ronald, in Boston. This was the first successful organ transplant and was soon followed by other organ transplants like the liver. Lewis Washkansky was the world’s first successful heart transplant patient in a surgery done by Dr. Christian Barnard in South Africa in 1968. Nowadays heart transplants are almost as commonplace as knee replacements.

Mankind has recognized for centuries the need for a different heart. King David asked for a pure heart (Ps 51:10). His son, Solomon, asked for a discerning heart (1 Ki 3:9). An honest and sincere person soon understands that a rebellious, unrepentant heart is like
stone and needs to be replaced with a pliable, soft and repentant one (Eze 36:26). And in fact, God demands just that (Eze 18:31).

Our God warns us that everyone needs this change (transplant) to be pleasing to him. He has been the chief surgeon in this area since creation having performed millions of these operations. He does not stop there, rather commands that to be pleasing to him we must offer up our whole body to renewal starting with the mind (Rom 12:1-2). Once having undergone this transplanting we are ready to become a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. He then instills the obedient person with many gifts (organs?) (Acts 2:38) (Rom 12:5-8). We not only have the “heart” for it, but every other spiritual organ. We become a new creature in Christ.

—Jim Bailey