How do all those millions of cell phone messages sent nearly every moment keep from colliding with each other or going to the wrong recipient? How does the brain know where to store our visions, audio messages and thoughts and then recall them decades later? How does the earth avoid a collision with other heavenly bodies? How did the human eye know how to coordinate and inculcate so many diverse elements into an organ of sight? These and many “how” questions continue to vex me. Even if I were to live another lifetime, I’d need a skilled and patient tutor to explain the answers.
(The first 50 years would probably be spent teaching me the math!)

In the 21st Century we enjoy a much better and longer life because scientists and engineers have learned how to devise methods of using existing materials to help us answer some of our hard questions. However, God’s most primitive thoughts are wiser than mankind’s most intelligent ones (1 Cor 1:20, 25). How does God know how many hairs are on the head of every human? (Mt 10:30) (Lk 12:7) How did he form man from the ground and breath life into his nostrils? (Gen 2:7) These and many other “how” questions are much more complex than any we could ask the human experts.

Do you remember the old conundrum, “If you took a million monkeys using a million typewriters, how many years would it take to produce a Shakespearean masterpiece?” Let’s coin a new one. How long would it take for the brightest and best minds of mankind to explain existence and create something from nothing?

The how questions pale in comparison to the why ones. Why do so many prefer to hate rather than heal? Why do so many worship the creation rather than the creator? Why does God allow Satan to rule our world? Why is happiness so fragile? Why are some prayers answered and others not? No doubt you have your own list of how and why questions. We may not have many answers in this life. We may not even know in heaven, but it really wouldn’t be necessary. Since Jesus Christ has a place prepared for us so we’ll be where he is (Jo 14:3) and God will wipe away every tear from our eyes (Rev 21:3-4), everything else will be irrelevant.

—Jim Bailey