What is the most valuable material possession you have ever lost?  There are a few things that are truly irreplaceable, but most objects can be reproduced or duplicated, albeit sometimes at great cost.  People may experience the loss of their keys, money, documents or even their house.  In these cases, loss describes the deprivation, destruction or ruin of something.  Much more tragic is the loss of a friend, relative, close family member or even a pet to the sad separation of death.  When we examine the word loss closely many other definitions surface. One can lose a game, all hope, hearing, sight, sanity, status, memory and a myriad of other things.  The word itself seems to connote; no longer, astray, destroyed and gone.

One of the biggest losses ever happened soon after the creation of humans (Gen 3: 1-19).  When Adam and Eve gave in to Satan’s lies and temptations, that sacred relationship with God changed dramatically.  Evil entered paradise and paradise was sealed off from the pair (Gen 3: 24).  Their disobedience and rebellion caused them pain in childbirth as well as painful toil to produce food (Ge 3: 16-17).  By far the most tragic loss, however, was physical death and separation from the close fellowship they once enjoyed with their creator (Gen 3: 8) (Gen 3: 23).

Today people can also lose that fellowship and their soul when they neglect or lose perspective of that which is vital (Mt 10: 28).  One thing we should be eager to lose is this old, fragile, tired body with all of its aches and vulnerabilities.  I would suggest that it would also be good to lose one’s memory or at least all the evil thoughts and deeds we have seen and done.  What a blessing to have a new mind (Rom 12: 2) and a new body (1 Cor 15: 35-43).

–Jim Bailey