“Make Time”

We have an interesting yet invalid expression in the English language.   We sometimes promise people that we will, “make time for you.”   What we really mean is, I’ll carve out some of my time just for you.”  It would be nice if we could actually manufacture time whenever we needed more of it.   We know, yet seem to forget, that only God can create time.   We can only use it wisely or waste it unwisely.   It sometimes takes a lifetime to discern the difference.   As we age most of us wish we could buy back the time we wasted on frivolities.   Very probably, however, we would use that time in a different but equally unwise manner.

In our society much of our time seems to be scripted by responsibilities.   We often spend hours waiting in line or in traffic.  We allow ourselves to become slaves to schedules, the clock and electronic gismos.  How is it that we have all sorts of time-saving devices and yet still seem not to have the time for everything we need to get done?   Could it be that we need to shift our priorities?

The people in Bible times were good at multi-tasking long before the term gained popularity.   The common people had to walk long distances and used that time to communicate face-to-face.   In fact, God instructed them to talk about His commandments, “…when you walk along the road..” (Deu 6:7)  After His resurrection, Jesus preached to the two disciples as they walked on the road to Emmaus (Lk 24:13-27).  As he traveled with His apostles, He taught them spiritual truths from the world around them (storms-Mt 8:23-27) (plants- Mt 13:3-9) (Mt 13:31-32).

Although Jesus created time (Col 1:16) He had to ration it like any other human while He was here on earth.    He used His time for the benefit of others to teach and heal them (Jo 4:5-42) (Jo 4:46-54).  He did not leave people hungry physically (Mk 6:30-44) or spiritually (Mt 5:3-6).

One of the best time-usage methods we can still learn from Jesus is His prayer life.  So many times He spent hours in prayer to God (Lk 6:12) forfeiting sleep (Lk 22:39-46).  In almost every occasion we can meditate and pray as we wait, as we travel, as we jog and before we fall asleep.

–Jim Bailey