I readily admit that I have become jaded by living in an age of almost constant innovation in so many fields.  It seems as if many people have lost their sense of astonishment.  They marvel at very few inventions.  It appears that we have come to expect that which was once considered unobtainable.  Nevertheless, some recent breakthroughs in optical health still arouse wonder and admiration in even the most jaded.

New cataract-replacement lenses, called Symfony, now allow patients to view the entire depth of vision clearly and the RxSight Light Adjustable lens lets doctors alter the lens after surgery. For glaucoma victims, new drugs target cells in the eye’s drainage network to restore outflow. Help for those with macular degeneration will soon be available via gene therapy which will be taken from one’s own body and not from embryonic cells.

On our spiritual journey to eternity, Christians can also become jaded if we let our worship of the Godhead become ritualized.  As our faith grows, so should our feelings of awe, wonder and amazement.  First, at the complexity of life itself, which is God created and sustained with every breath. (Gen 2:7) (Col 1:16-17)  Second, at the unbelievably brilliant task of fashioning an organ of sight that the scientists are just now beginning to understand in ways mentioned above. (Ps 139:14-16)  Third, at the fact that God became a man to be able to comprehend the temptations and suffering of mankind. (Heb 4:14-15)  We marvel at the love and forgiveness available to us at all times. (Mk 11:25) (Col 3:13) (Acts 10: 43) (Jo 3:16)

And finally, at the love which we can see and feel every day because God is love. (1 Jo 4:8) His love can live right inside of us. (1 Jo 4:16) It can drive out fear. (1 Jo 4:18) We can grow more and more like Him. (1 Jo 3:2) Ultimately the invisible will be visible and tangible. (Rev 21:3-4) Wonderful, marvelous and awesome! 

                                                                       –Jim Bailey