Newborn Kits for Zambia

In the past, Northwest has provided care packages for children who have returned home after living at the Church of Christ sponsored orphanage. About three years ago a program was started to encourage new moms to care for their newborns at home, rather than relinquishing their care to the orphanage. The support given to these new moms includes “kits”. These kits have items such as: infant pajamas, an outfit, blankets, plastic pants, hats, and other items. This year Northwest is providing the blankets that will be placed in these kits. The goal is 500 blankets.

You can help in one of these ways:
1) provide used or new receiving size blankets
2) make simple blankets or
3) give money to buy blankets
(Checks can be made out to Northwest with “Infant Kits” written in memo line.)

All donations due by January 30.

Ask Benecia Campbell if you have additional questions.