My uncle and his wife had good intentions in arranging a blind date between a girl they knew and me.  She was nice and polite and we attended a movie together. However, we were both shy and the date was awkward.  Even though I was curious about her life as a triplet, there was never a second date due to distance and our mutual disinterest.  Having two siblings who look exactly like you surely must be a unique experience.

If we were to create an imaginary group of triplets named Shoulda, Coulda and Woulda, what would that look like?  Let’s say that their surname was Dunwright and they lived up to their names.  If they were to marry and have offspring, might their names be Senseless, Slothful and Selfish?  Suppose further that the family down the block is named Giterdun and their triplets are Cana, Willa and Dida. Their children could well be called Faith, Hope and Charity.

The proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” was thought to have originated in 1150 by Saint Bernard.  It is still as true today as it was then. When Christ comes in His glory to judge the people of all nations, He will separate them as a shepherd does his sheep and goats. (Mt 25:31-46)  The goats represent those who are cursed for not caring for the sick, hungry and poor. (vv 41-43)  Their fate of going to eternal punishment (v 46) will be the same as those who hate God and persecute His people. (Rom 1:28-32) (2 Th 2:10-12) It appears as if Shoulda, Coulda and Woulda and folks like them will be among the goats.

In the same sermon Jesus praises the people (sheep) who treated the strangers, sick and needy as if they were Christ himself. (Mt 25:40) They are called blessed and have the kingdom and eternal life as an inheritance from God. (v 34 & 46) The other triplets, Cana, Willa and Dida, would surely be among the sheep.  The message for any Christian, whether a triplet, twin or single birth child, is to love Christ enough to follow through on our good intentions and obey His commands.

                                                                   –Jim Bailey