Most people who have had a computer for a long time have experienced that feeling of panic after mistakenly hitting the delete button, either by accident or by lack of attention.  Sometimes the user can retrieve the lost information, but at other times it escapes into that mysterious cyberspace.  Those who work with computers probably know how to rescue the lost data from the hard drive.  However, for the rest of us non-technocrats, it is not that easy nor quick.

Sadly, most people have little desire to hit the delete button on sin.  Somehow they ignore or deny its terrible fruits. (Rom 1: 28-32) They embrace sin and applaud others who practice it. However, some people do want to delete the mistakes and sins of their lives.  They hope by hard effort and desire they can erase bad habits and moral failings.  Some attempt meditation, others penitence and generosity to expunge the sin to some vague spiritual graveyard.  Sin is powerful and not that easy to banish.  It will linger and surface again from time to time. (Rom 7: 14-20) (Gen 4:7) (1 Pe 5:8)

The scriptures certainly teach that God will ultimately punish unrepented sins “…leave room for God’s wrath…” “It is mine to avenge; I will repay.” (Rom 12:19) (Mt 25: 41 -46) On Judgement Day Jesus will separate people one from another when He comes in His glory. (Mt 25: 31)  Those who ignored the suffering of others and those who hated God will “…go away to eternal punishment.”

For those who are truly sorry and want to delete their sins (Acts 2:36-37) God will cover (Rom 4:7) blot out (Ps 51: 1) and wash away and cleanse them of their sins when they fully obey Him. (Acts 2:38) (Acts 5:32) He will do this because of the sacrificial blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Ro 3:23-26) (Eph 5:2) (Heb 9: 26)

Where does the sin go?  Is there still a heavenly hard drive where God catalogs and stores those sins committed just in case?  Thanks be to God, He not only deletes them, He totally forgets them. (Jer: 31:34) (Heb 8:12)                                                                          –Jim Bailey