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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


There are many ways to drown physically. In the literal sense we could die due to suffocation in water or other liquids. One could actively destroy someone by submerging or immersing him in water. Figuratively we might be drowned by becoming overwhelmed by: debt, mistakes, sorrow or sin. I have personally know the terror of nearly drowning in water. I can only imagine the fear that asthmatics and sufferers of COPD go through. Continue reading

“Father and Son”

An old faded letter was discovered while a family was cleaning out a closet. It was a letter of hope and blessing from a father to his infant son.

Dear son,
You can’t read this letter yet, but when you learn to read, I’ll give it to you. Every time I look at you a feeling of love and responsibility overwhelms me. I ask myself how can I train you so that you’ll become a good man. Most importantly that you’ll become a strong Christian. It won’t be easy to abide by the teaching of Jesus Christ, I have not always done it well. Continue reading


“Grudge not, that ye be not grudged.” This statement is obviously a paraphrase of Christ’s command on judging with some license in grammar. (Mt 7:1 KJV) Very early in the Old Testament there were warnings against grudging. (Lev 19:18) Webster’s defines it as, “a feeling of ill will or resentment because of some real or fancied wrong.” It is further Continue reading


You will probably not remember the words to any of the 52 articles you’ve read this past year. Don’t apologize, I probably won’t either and I read and re-read them for accuracy. However, we can often sing the words to songs we heard years ago. Why is that? We learn very early that music has power. Continue reading


Venancio Pita and I were running to the base of El Castillo, the 100 foot high pyramid at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula. Venancio is the mentor of the Mukul family which has several brothers and sons that preach and teach at various congregations near Tizimin, Mexico whom we have supported for over 30 years. Why the hurry? We were trying to avoid the extra charges Continue reading