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Brighton Gospel Meeting

Tyler Young will be joining us for our Fall Gospel Meeting on the Christian and the Culture: Raising Christ-Centered Kids in a Self-Centered World. There will be a special “adults only” lesson on Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 pm dealing with pornography and its toll on the church and families. This is a sensitive subject for many parents, grandparents, and adults. Tyler will approach this subject honestly and lovingly, showing compassion to those who may have loved ones caught in the grip of this vice, or who may be in the throes of the addiction themselves. Child care will be provided during these sessions

Singles’ Ministry at Castle Rock Church of Christ

Castle Rock Church of Christ has expanded, rebranded, and repurposed their Singles’ Ministry.  It is now open to single MEN AND WOMEN of all ages and types and will be more focused on service to the church and community.  If you are not single, but know someone who is, please share with them this ministry.

Brotherhood Business Directory

In a city the size of metro Denver it is impossible to know every Christian and what they do. So I am publishing an online directory of church of Christ member’s businesses. List your business! (It’s almost free – $12 year) You will let your brethren know what you do and also have an updated list handy whenever you need any products or services. Call or text Kathy Thompson (member of Highlands Ranch church of Christ) at 720-403-6317 or you can email me at

“Give preference to one another in honor.”– Rom 12:10