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Words of wisdom from our weekly bulletin


Some actions are probably irrelevant in the grand scheme of life. In such situations we face a choice of either/or as in: blue tie or red tie, Pepsi or Coke, mountains or beach, TV or internet, etc, etc. In other situations we have more than two choices (the best car for the money) (which restaurant serves the best steak) (which TV program should we watch tonight). These types of choices Continue reading


The word backbone is really a misnomer because it refers to the spine which has 33 bones called vertebrae. It is a very complex part of our anatomy which science divides into 4 parts. However for this article we will only use 3 parts—the upper, middle and lower “backbone” in order to compare it to our spiritual walk. Somehow it has come to signify courage or strength which would be an interesting etymology study in itself. Continue reading



You come home late at night ready for a good night’s sleep. But you can’t find your key and don’t have your cell phone. You try to reason and tamp down the panic that is starting to surface. It is almost totally dark and you start to imagine all sorts of dreadful scenarios.At first you are angry at yourself and the situation, then in gradually mounting increments you experience—concern, worry, suspicion, fear and finally terror. Now try to imagine your 1st Century brethren in Christ whose fears were genuine as they hid in caves and catacombs. Continue reading

“Diverse Conformity”

Diversity and/or conformity can be very contentious actions if they are mandated, whether by governments (limiting free speech on campuses) or religion (Sharia law). Without curtailing choice, both can be good things. Most people enjoy learning about different food, dress, languages, and even ideas from those outside their own culture. Chaos and anarchy would rule if each person refused to conform to national, state, and local laws. Continue reading