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You come home late at night ready for a good night’s sleep. But you can’t find your key and don’t have your cell phone. You try to reason and tamp down the panic that is starting to surface. It is almost totally dark and you start to imagine all sorts of dreadful scenarios.At first you are angry at yourself and the situation, then in gradually mounting increments you experience—concern, worry, suspicion, fear and finally terror. Now try to imagine your 1st Century brethren in Christ whose fears were genuine as they hid in caves and catacombs. Continue reading

“Diverse Conformity”

Diversity and/or conformity can be very contentious actions if they are mandated, whether by governments (limiting free speech on campuses) or religion (Sharia law). Without curtailing choice, both can be good things. Most people enjoy learning about different food, dress, languages, and even ideas from those outside their own culture. Chaos and anarchy would rule if each person refused to conform to national, state, and local laws. Continue reading


I am basically ignorant of many aspects of my culture—math, science and music to name a few. I know just enough to know I don’t know much. I could learn so much more of the universe should I choose to invest the time, effort, and perhaps money toward that goal. However, I willfully choose to enjoy other areas of life such as language. Therefore I am ignorant in the sense of refraining from noticing and regarding information—ignoring it. The real meaning of ignorant is lack of knowledge, uninformed and unaware rather than being dull of mind and wits as it is sometimes used nowadays. Those who willfully ignore become ignorant or lack knowledge or learning about a particular subject. Continue reading

“Moving On”

Nearly all of us has seen the figurine of the 3 monkeys—See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. It seems to exemplify the attitude of many celebrities, politicians, athletes, and ordinary people when dealing with mistakes, embarrassing behavior and sin. Toby Keith, the country singer, had a hit with the song “Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” There are at least 3 wrong types of attitudes that allow people to “move on” and distance themselves from bad behavior and sin—Justify it, Ignore it and Deny it. Continue reading


During World War II most Americans supported the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation of their country.  Depending upon one’s perspective, resistance can be a positive or negative action.  We would probably feel justified at opposing, withstanding and striving against any government or corporation which attempted to unjustly deprive us of rights or possessions.  On the other hand, we might consider some military groups who used violent resistance against a fairly elected government as terrorists instead of a resistance movement. Continue reading