Those tiny dust specks we see when the sun shines through a window certainly seem insignificant and without distinction. Usually we use a dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them. We consider them too small to be important and without any influence or meaning.

Imagine how much tinier earth would look from the far parts of the universe, let along the humans who inhabit it. How insignificant we might look from the perspective of the Creators of the universe
(Gen 1:26-27) (Col 1:16-17). Ironically, humans are made from the dust of the earth, (Ecc 3:20) (Ps 103:14) (Gen 2:7) yet we are not considered insignificant by our God. Far from it. In fact, we were created in God’s image (1:27) and endowed with an eternal soul (2:7) Each individual is different with special gifts ( Mt 10:30).

How ridiculous it would be if dust particles could reason for them to rebel against humans or deny their existence. Yet this is exactly what many humans do to God (Rom 1:19-21) (Ps 14:1). The whole Bible relates the extent of God’s grace and mercy towards a disobedient and rebellious people (Ex 34:6-7) (Heb 8:12) (1 Jo 1:9) (Rom 2:4)
(Rom 5:8-10) (1 Pe 3:9).

There will come a time when rebellious sinners will so totally divorce themselves from God’s love that He will have to give them over to their sinful desires (Rom 1:24, 26,28) (Heb 10:26-31). Satan will gleefully use his evil “vacuum cleaner” to suck up the human dust and get rid of it (1 Pe 5:8) ( Lk 22:3) (2 Cor 11:14) (Mt 16:23).

Why God loves His people so much that it even starts before birth,
(Jer 1:5) (Ps 139:13-16) might be because they have joined themselves to Christ and He sees us as part of His son (Rom 6:3-6) (Gal 3: 26-28) (Rom 8:15-17). Rather than being insignificant, we are precious in God’s sight (Ps 116:15) (1 Pe 2:4-5). He will reward the faithful with a new spiritual and imperishable body (1 Cor 15:42-54) and with a new name (Rev 2:17).

-Jim Bailey