If we say Christians should B.L.A.B. we aren’t saying they should talk or chatter thoughtlessly and incessantly.  No, that would be to blab and risk being called a blabbermouth.  The apostle Paul warns those who are idle not to become busybodies and gossips and if so, they should be avoided (1Th 5:14) (2 Th 3:6-11) (2 Tim 5:13).  We have several dear sisters in Christ here who do go from house to house, but go there to help and encourage and they need to be commended for that.

What then does the acronym B.L.A.B. stand for?  It is probably not original with this writer, but to me it means, BE LIKE A BEREAN (Acts 17:11).  Berea was a city southwest of Thessalonica in Greece where Paul and Silas preached the gospel on the 2nd missionary journey.  As long as people read the New Testament, the Bereans will be remembered for several reasons.

They were noble, which the dictionary defines as: high minded, of exalted mind and character, having high thoughts, principals and sentiments, magnanimous.  These qualities led them to receive the message with eagerness and to examine the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul and Silas were saying was true.  As a result many Jews and Greeks believed (v. 12).

Since there was no New Testament written at that time, the Bereans were examining the Old Testament Scriptures.  They needed to assure themselves that the prophecies of those Scriptures truly did foretell the life of Jesus Christ.   Their eagerness to examine them every day has amazed and inspired every generation to this day.  They wanted to prove the validity of any claims which those preachers were making.

What a great example for us today as we try to sort through all the philosophies and half-truths that constantly surround us continually.  There are so many counterfeits and outright lies in religious teaching then and now.  So, B.L.A.B. and you can be sure if what someone is preaching and teaching is true. The Bereans certainly did!

–Jim Bailey