Learning is a lifetime endeavor from infancy to death even when one is unaware that it is happening.  Some things need to be unlearned and relearned.  If one thinks that he has learned everything there is to be known about a topic, he only has to try teaching others this information to quickly learn how much more there is still to be learned.  Memory and exposure to new facts and experiences play a huge part in the learning curve.  In the 21st Century there are constantly new and faster ways to learn more and more information.

There is a program on the History Channel in which astronomers attempt to educate the rest of us about the origins of the Universe.  The episode I watched recently focused on the Big Bang theory.  The professor said that everything began when an infinitely compact material exploded and produced all that we now see.  Anticipating the obvious question, he expounded that, “it is possible to start with nothing and produce something.”  If he was denying God’s part in creation, then he also has more to learn.

Little children learn God’s commandments at an early age when parents and others take the time and effort to train the child in them and impress them upon their hearts. (Dt 6:7) (Pr 22:6) (Joel 1:3) Sometimes the tables are reversed and it is the children who teach the adults as Jesus did in the temple at 12 years of age. (Lk 2:46-47)  Jesus commands people of all ages to, “learn of me.” (Mt 11:29)  To learn and believe one needs another person to teach and explain the lesson (Rom 10:14) as Philip did for the eunuch. (Acts 8:26-39)

To truly learn God’s will, one must have a soft heart and an eager attitude.  Isaiah through the Holy Spirit spoke of a people who would have a hard heart and stubborn resistance and thus make any learning impossible. (Isa 6:9) Jesus later quoted this scripture to the leaders of His day. (Mt 13:14-15) (Acts 28:26) The Holy Spirit tell us the very thoughts of God, but one who doesn’t have the Spirit living within him, considers them foolishness. (1 Cor 2:10-14) God will give His Holy Spirit to those who obey Him. (Acts 5:32) (Acts 2:38) Learning facts and how to use them is important, but learning God’s will is eternal.                                                                               

–Jim Bailey