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This is a 16 letter word that seems to describe itself, because it has become a commonly used term in spite of the shorter, easier to write alternatives.  It describes a situation which is counter to what intuition would lead one to expect.  It supposes irony, paradox, and lack of logic.  This word has been around since about 1960 but seems to have entrenched itself into our vernacular more solidly during the last few decades.  Perhaps this is due to the many incredible inventions and innovations that have recently bombarded our society.  Man walking on the moon, phones that take photos and cars that drive themselves are just a few of the things that have amazed and astonished most people and are counterintuitive to former generations.  In order to save some ink, we will abbreviate this word to CI during the rest of the article.

So many of the things that Jesus Christ said and did were, and still are, CI.  Certainly no one can be born twice, but Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be born again (Jo 3:3-4). He said that his followers should rejoice and be glad when they were falsely insulted and persecuted (Mt 5:1).  They were also to love and pray for their enemies (Mt 5:44). He said that to save one’s life he must lose it (Lk 9:24). All this sounds very CI.

Then there are those miracles.  Imagine seeing a man’s shriveled hand instantly restored (Mk 3:1-5). He cured crippled (Lk 13:11-13), blind (Lk 18:35-43), deaf (Mk 7:31-37), and paralyzed people (Mk 2:3-12) in an instant.  How about witnessing people being raised from the dead (Mt 9) (Lk 7), walking on water (Mt 14:25), calming storms (Lk 8:22-25), or feeding thousands with one basket of food? (Mt 14:15-21) These were only a few of Jesus’ miracles over nature and all of them appear totally CI don’t they? 

What then allows Christians to believe them when most people will not and cannot?  The Apostle Paul explains it this way, “…the eyes of your heart may be enlightened…” (Eph 1:18) These reports are in words straight from God the Father through the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 1:10-14) who dwells within the inner being of immersed, enlightened Christians (Eph 3:16). No CI hesitation for them (Rom 8:5-9).

                                                                  –Jim Bailey